Hey yo.

We’re gonna level with you here.

We wanted to put together some sort of March Madness-inspired bracket for you to fill out, but we didn’t. Not enough time.

It could have been cool, though, maybe… kind of… sort of?

It would have been a tournament where our faithful fans and followers (Mom?) could vote on their favorite woodland creatures. Imagine, like, a bracket of 64 animals that people could vote on to advance. For example: Who would win a matchup between a mouse and a rabbit? A badger or a possum? A crocodile or a stingray? 

It seemed fun, damnit!

But it was also, like, a lot of work, you know? 

And besides, we all knew which animal would come out on top: THE SQUIRREL, of course. 

So then we thought, well, what if we took these animals out of the bracket and onto the court, so to speak. What if we created our own teams of basketball players from the animal kingdom? What if we imagined some sort of cuckoo-bananas basketball game featuring all these different animals? What if our bozo writer called the game as if it were actually taking place and recorded it or something?


But it was really just getting dumber and dumber more and more… creative.

We started to spiral. 

Time was running out and we were scrambling for content. Because without content, we’d have no need for a content guy. And without a content guy, then, well, we’d sort of be screwed. At least for like a week or two. 

BUT THEN WE REALIZED THAT content is content, isn’t it? And if it’s done right—if it is engaging enough for readers—then maybe our current clients will dig it. Maybe prospective clients will come aboard. Maybe my dad would finally tell me he loves me.

Also, didn’t that Gary Vee guy say something like, when you’re creating content: “Document, don’t create”? And that dude is like one of the most successful creative influencer types out there.

Document. Don’t create. That’s it! That’s what this is! Just the content guy out here documenting his miserable failure and inevitable descent into… yes, madness.

But we don’t want you to feel cheated or leave empty-handed. So, in the spirit of madness—and since we’ve already shared with you our wild and crazy takes on aliens, superstitions, and the supernatural—we thought we’d put together a classic flashbacks episode for you. 

You know, a “Best of” type of thing. The sort of thing you’ve seen your favorite shows do on TV a million times before.

So that’s that this is: your favorite highlights from mad stuff we’ve done in the past. Because it’s March Madness! You understand. It makes sense. 

Okay. I think we’re done dOcUmEnTiNg now. 

Click on these images. They’re links to blogs featuring some of the goofy stuff we’ve said.

TQSD takes on soup: Four technicolor quadrants display four TQS staffers eating soup: James, Jerry, Steve, and Lisa.      An aerial view of the top half of three hot dogs, each in a classic hot dog bun, aligned vertically: One with ketchup, sliced apples, and an indiscriminate crunchy topping; one with ketchup, mustard, and an indiscriminate crunchy topping; and one with ketchup, mustard, sliced pickles, and an indiscriminate crunchy topping. Each hot dog has a drop shadow to its right.

TQS takes on the Zombie Apocalypse      TQS takes on 2032: A white robot holds a smart tablet in front of a pink and blue speckled background

Thanks for reading!

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