Do we believe?

Some of us believe. Some of us want to believe. Find out which staffers are strapping on the tinfoil hats and gearing up for the alien invasion (or something like that).

Emily Olek, Account Manager
100%. This was reinforced after watching Werner Herzog’s “Fireball.” It was delightful.

Lisa Hinterberger, Graphic Designer
Definitely. I hope I’m still here when this is confirmed.

Steve Lingle, CEO
Without a doubt. The universe is too vast and diverse for life not to exist elsewhere. And somewhere, billions of light years away, they’re pontificating the same question—maybe not in Google Docs, or even in a spoken language—but it’s happening.

Chris White, Creative Director
Absolutely. Also, I can not confirm nor deny that I may have been abducted. There was a time in college where I woke up with my pants on backwards. Though that may have been due to excessive drinking. We’ll never know for sure.

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Tyler McElhaneyGraphic Designer
Yes, but I heard a podcast where they made the case that in the length of the universe, intelligent life would be destined to destroy itself faster than it would be able to travel far/fast enough to find any others. So at most, life is existing in little spurts in different times and locations… and we’ll never know… and we will destroy ourselves.

Jerry Lee, Marketing Strategist
I do, but not based on all the science and logic that makes anything else seem pretty stupid. I simply can’t believe we’re as advanced a life form that the universe could come up with. Whether it’s God, the Big Bang, or a computer simulation, I can’t imagine this being the pinnacle form of existence.

James Colombo, Copywriter & Content Strategist
Yes, of course I do. It would be foolish, ignorant, and remarkably self-centered to assume that human beings are the only living species in any of the BILLIONS of galaxies in our MULTIVERSE. Come on. There’s more out there than just the Kardashians (although you could argue that they’re an entirely different species of their own).

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