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TQS takes on the White House

It looks like the White House has rebranded its logo… So we asked our staff, “Uh, what do you think?” Some responses included insightful and informed perspectives from our savviest of professionals. Others, well… didn’t. And still some takes were presented with such a reckless indifference that you have to wonder if it was a [ view the rest ]

Case Study: Garage Doorbuster for Kaz Home Improvements

Who doesn’t love a good case study? Here at TQS, we’re big believers in showing and not telling. So instead of saying, “Hey, we can do this or that for your business,” we’re saying, “Yo, look at some of the stuff we’ve done for other businesses around town.” Let’s costume up and take a trip [ view the rest ]

What’s the difference between earning a customer and selling a product?

You’re not in business to lose money… but should you be trying to do more than earn a simple buck or two? Yes, absolutely. In recent years, we’ve seen that companies (or brands) that demonstrate a commitment to their values, brand story, and their audience resonate more with customers. Before a person buys a bike [ view the rest ]

2021 marketing trends and predictions

Now that 2020 is over and done with, it’s finally time to get psyched for a new year, new schools of thought, new opportunities, new this, new that, new new new. What sort of newness can we expect from a marketing perspective? We polled the TQS staff to see what’s up for the future. The [ view the rest ]

TQS presents: The marketing funnel featuring Stephanie Danielsson

They say that no snowflake is the same. We can neither confirm nor deny this claim. But that’s what they say. And if they say it, it must be true. Anyway, marketing funnels are sort of the same way. They might not look exactly alike, but they’re all the same thing. According to our business [ view the rest ]

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3 slam-dunk advantages to working with a creative agency

Hey, it’s me, the copywriter. I’ve spent the majority of my 8-year career working in various in-house marketing departments, so I know how strenuous the scene can be. It doesn’t matter if you’re a quirky startup (been there) or an international conglomerate (done that), it’s your job to produce marketing materials that engage audiences and [ view the rest ]

TQS Thanksgiving Day Draft

Ohhh doctorrr. The inaugural TQS Thanksgiving Day Draft is in the books and boy was it a good one. We’ll spare you the pre-game platitudes and get right to the good stuff. Here’s a blow-by-blow rundown of the TQS Thanksgiving Day Draft: Round 1 Pick 1: Tyler – FOOTBALL With the first overall pick in [ view the rest ]

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TQS Smackdown! Landing Page vs. Webpage

The lights drop. The crowd goes silent. Then, a spotlight. From the center of the ring, you hear the man on the microphone begin. “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! TQS proudly presents to you… the bout the whole world has been waiting for… the ultimate showdown between two undisputed champions [ view the rest ]

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Client Spotlight! Beltone of WNY

Who are we, what are we doing, and how do we do it? No, we’re not peering into the existential void—at least not at the moment. We’re really just celebrating a partnership with one of our newest clients: Beltone of WNY. And we’re hoping to give you a glimpse of the TQS experience, too. Here’s [ view the rest ]

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How to find your company’s voice

Whether you’re starting up or starting over, developing your company’s voice is a key marketing objective. But what does “voice” mean, exactly? And why is it important? If you’re new to marketing or want a quick refresher course on branding, here’s what’s up. First, the basics. Your voice is the way you “sound” in print or over [ view the rest ]

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