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Sometimes We Do Work

It’s all fun and games until deadlines need to be met. (Actually, we still have fun with our projects – just not quite on the same level.) When we’re not judging cinnamon buns or relaxing near the tiki fountain, you’ll find us creating great things for our wonderful clients. Here are just a few of the [ view the rest ]

Thanksgiving and You

Ah, Thanksgiving. Soon, we’ll all be hunched over in discomfort from eating way too much pumpkin pie, completely ignoring our bodies’ signals to stop eating. This is, of course, at the top of everyone’s “Favorite Things About Thanksgiving” list. But what about those TQS folks? How do they really feel about Thanksgiving? What are their [ view the rest ]

7 Minutes in Chris’s Mind

You’ve likely found yourself wondering before, “What goes on in the minds of those folks over at The Quilted Squirrel?” Maybe the thought is brought on by being amazed at our sheer brilliance (we’re very modest here), or maybe it’s because we do things that can sometimes be perceived as being a bit odd (Whatever, [ view the rest ]

I Like Your Buns

When it comes to buns, we all have our preferences. Some like ‘em big and voluptuous. Some like ‘em small but firm. Some like ‘em round. Some like ‘em slightly irregular in shape. But there is one universal, self-evident truth: Everyone likes ‘em filled with cinnamon and covered in icing. That’s how the fine folks [ view the rest ]

As the Squirrel Turns

We’re baaaack. And so is Emily! A few weeks ago, our trusty account manager up and left us for a two week honeymoon hiatus on the island of Maui. As a result, all our accounts went into a wild panic, nothing got done around the office, and the women’s restroom got a facelift. The end. [ view the rest ]

367 Days

It’s been nearly a year to the day since last we posted in this forum. 367 days. Five hundred twenty-eight thousand four hundred eighty minutes. You’re now singing the song from ‘Rent,’ except it’s the wrong number. You’re welcome. Anyway, we will not remain silent any longer. Our voices will be heard. Our thoughts unleashed. [ view the rest ]

Cameron Crowe, Philip Seymour Hoffman and a Lesson in Engagement

Cameron Crowe’s films have brought with them more than a few splendid lines of dialogue over the years, and one has always stood out to me as particularly beautiful. I like to imagine he wrote the line in the hopes that it would one day become part of a conversation about marketing. We can all [ view the rest ]

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It Takes Nuts: Industrial Management With Flare

This month’s edition of “It Takes Nuts” takes us on a trip in the Wayback Machine – way back to just three years ago. St. Bonaventure University was launching a new Bachelor’s degree program in Industrial Management – an up-and-coming field that combines business management with high-tech engineering. It’s the kind of degree program that [ view the rest ]

Brand it. Brand it real good.

If you’ve been hunting for marketing services, or if you just happen to mingle in the company of those peculiar marketing folk, you’ve likely seen or heard the word “brand” and other brand-related terms (brand identity, brand awareness, brand messaging, branding strategy, brand equity, brand loyalty, etc.) quite a bit. So, you might have asked [ view the rest ]

A Few Minutes with Jerry, Part II

Some time ago, via this blog, we enjoyed the pleasure of getting to know one of our co-owners, Jerry Lee. Fast forward to some time later (right now), and we have the opportunity to get to know him even better. From sitcoms to space travel, politics to Prince Harry, and everything in-between, I recently took [ view the rest ]

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