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Meet John R. Brinkley: Quack, Mastermind, Radio Advertising Pioneer

Have you even seen or heard a commercial for something and thought, “there’s no way that can actually work”? Maybe for a magic weight loss tea or a hair growth cream or a crystal face cleansing remedy that somehow erases fine lines and wrinkles. Anyone current with celebrity wellness brand news will remember Gwyneth Paltrow’s [ view the rest ]

Quiz: Which Seasonal Gourd Are You?

With the harvest upon us, we’ve got an extra special quiz up our sleeves, right next to a prank lottery ticket, half a turkey sub, some Lego bricks and the receipt for the company t-shirt cannon. We’ve got pretty big sleeves. Please don’t stare. Anyway, you’ve probably taken your fair share of quizzes in your [ view the rest ]

Spotlight On: Kaz Garage Doorbuster Sale

This month, and in honor of the most important day of the goth calendar year, we wanted to highlight a recent project that invoked the spirit of Halloween to put a new, creative spin on a standard sales practice—the doorbuster sale. When Kaz Companies asked us to promote their manufacturer doorbuster sale for select garage [ view the rest ]

Nine Ways to Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life

Have you ever thought to yourself “I wish more things in life were pumpkin spice. Why stop at lattes, pancake mix, ice cream, Jello, doughnuts, and edible lip gloss?” Well, here at The Quilted Squirrel, our motto has long been “if it ain’t broke, make it pumpkin spice”—which, coincidentally, is also the motto of capitalism [ view the rest ]

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A Collection of Fall Haikus

In Western New York and across the Northeast, fall is hands down the most stunning season of them all. The changing leaves, the geraniums, the glowing orange pumpkins grinning at passersby from porches and front steps. What better way to capture the whimsies and delights of this magical season than in poem? We’ve adapted the [ view the rest ]

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Trashed: The Finale

Nearly two months ago, Steve offhandedly suggested writing a series of blog posts investigating the disappearance of our trash cans. It was possibly a joke that I would go on to take very seriously. Some might say too seriously. But I wonder if they said the same thing to Michelangelo as he teetered on scaffolding [ view the rest ]

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Spotlight on: Field of Dreams

If you’ve been following along with this blog for any considerable period of time (or  any period of time, really), you know that about once a month, we cut the nonsense and try our best to prove to you that our days aren’t spent building blanket forts, eating Funyuns and playing with nerf guns like [ view the rest ]

5 Ideas for a Romantic Fall Date in Western NY

Many people think spring is the most romantic season of the four we experience on this spinning space marble we call Earth. And that’s fine for them—but if People Magazine’s decision to name Blake Shelton 2017’s “sexiest man alive” is any indicator, people have a tendency to get things wrong. The misconception probably comes from [ view the rest ]

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4 Suggestions for a Better NYS License Plate

Right now, New Yorkers across the state are exercising their inalienable right to vote on one of the most the most pressing issues of our time. It’s nearly unavoidable—one we’re forced to confront every day, one that, up until now, we’ve been forced to accept by the lousy bureaucrats in the 518. The issue of [ view the rest ]

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We Knew It, Horatio, An Office of Infinite Jest

This week, we’re saying goodbye to a dear friend and mediocre workspace. We’re saying goodbye to Lake Street, goodbye to the Village of Hamburg, goodbye to the vague, lingering smell of hamster food despite the lack of hamsters present in our office for at least the past eight years. We’re wiping a single tear from [ view the rest ]

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