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10 things to expect from your marketing plan

You work in marketing or you run a business. You’ve got a brand to build. A story to tell. But who are you? What do you want? And who do you want to want what you’ve got? You need a marketing plan that lays it out all nice and neat-like. An actual plan. Not a [ view the rest ]

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How to write for radio, TV, and social media

Tell the same story in different ways. Look. If you had one message… and several opportunities to seize every customer you ever wanted… in any moment… would you capture it? Or just let it slip? If the tone, rhythm, or words of that opening statement sound familiar, it’s because I ruthlessly stole them from the [ view the rest ]

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How to tell your website needs a refresh

Build a better website with TQS. Traffic. Leads. Conversions. Your website needs to do a lot. But is it doing enough? Without the luxury of a fully staffed marketing team at your disposal, it’s difficult to make a website people will love. But if you want to stop saying “Whatever, it’s fine,” and start saying, [ view the rest ]

4 Goals for Businesses During COVID-19—and How to Achieve Them

If your business is anything like ours, this whole COVID-19 situation has forced you to be more creative than ever. How can you reach your audience? Where should you focus your messaging? When is it okay to click “Stop Video” on that Zoom call? As New York State continues to re-open, here are some expectations [ view the rest ]

Will Moldy Buns Sell? A Case for Burger King’s Latest Ad Campaign

When you think about fast food advertising, you probably think glossy close-ups of triple-decker burgers with gooey cheese and impossibly crisp lettuce, enlarged to gargantuan scale on billboards that beckon you to hit up the drive through at the next exit. You picture two juicy patties, kissing the griddle with a sizzle. Or maybe you [ view the rest ]

Loan Genies, Scratch ‘n Sniff and Action Figures: “Brilliant” Ideas that Didn’t Quite Make It

Here at The Quilted Squirrel, we have a lot of ideas—or, as Tyler might call them, “waves entering our brains” (is he an alien? Stay tuned to find out!). Some of them are really good, and they fit into larger campaigns or solve a particular problem and deliver results for our clients. Others are really [ view the rest ]

Top Trends and Takeaways from the 2020 Super Bowl Ads

Three nights ago, Americans decked their folding tables with myriad iterations of taco dip and smorgasbords of buffalo-style food items, stocked their coolers with cheap beer and settled in for the unofficial holiday event of the season—Super Bowl Sunday. And if you watched the Super Bowl, you probably did so for any possible combination of [ view the rest ]

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The TQS Guide to Orchard Park

Over the past couple of weeks in our new office, we’ve grown quite fond of our location. And now that we’ve had some time to get situated, we think we know the place pretty well. Maybe not quite like the back of our hand, but definitely like the back of a friendly acquaintance’s hand. We [ view the rest ]

New Year’s Resolutions You Can Achieve in an Afternoon

Well folks, we’re almost two whole weeks into a brand spanking new year, which means one thing—everyone you know is making resolutions they don’t actually want to make. And, not to be a bummer, but keeping the dramatic promises we make to ourselves whilst in the throes of our holiday indulgences is an awful lot [ view the rest ]

Home for the Holidays: Spotlight on Kaz’s Corporate Magazine

We did a lot of stuff this year. Most of it had something to do with creative marketing and advertising. A lot of it had to do with our big office move. Some of it had to do with pogo sticking. Nearly an eighth of it had to do with losing our trash cans to [ view the rest ]

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