We’re giving away a brand new website!

One, brand-spankin’ new, free website, valued at up to $7,500, will go to one lucky organization who is crowned the winner of The Great WNY Website Giveaway.

If you’re sold, click here to enter the contest. Need a little more info? Here’s the inside scoop:

Enter: Any business or organization in Western New York has until December 19, 2023 to enter their company, and their website, into the contest.

After the initial entry period, we’ll narrow down the entrants down to a group of up to five finalists, based on the quality of their entry, opportunity for website improvement, and mission of the organization. 

Vote: After the finalists are announced, the contest will then open up to a week-long online vote.

Win: The finalist who receives the most votes from the general public will be crowned the winner of The Great WNY Website Giveaway.

So that’s the scoop. Enter. Vote. Win. It’s that simple!

Ready to enter The Great WNY Website Giveaway? Go to websitegiveaway.thequiltedsquirrel.com to get started!

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