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Hunter’s Hope Video

As some of you may know, here at The Quilted Squirrel we like to do things that are different, sometimes wacky, often self-deprecating, and things that usually make people laugh. But for us, the most important thing is always to create marketing and advertising that reaches to the core of the company or organization and [ view the rest ]

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Animation Is Fun

We’ve written about our work for St. Bonaventure before. We’ve done a lot of great work for them, across a bunch of different platforms. Earlier this year, we helped them promote their Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management degree program. You’ve already seen the informational magazine we created (and if you haven’t, you can read about [ view the rest ]

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Top Five Signs You Need A New Commercial

Reaching the right audience is tricky. There are a lot of different tactics. Wishing. Hoping. Dreaming. Media. A commercial can be a great step. You hit a lot of people. New people. If it’s great, they tell all their friends. They don’t change the channel. You can put it online and reach even more people. [ view the rest ]

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