Why did this social media statement fall on its face?

If you don’t know who Kyler Murray is, he’s an NFL quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. And if you didn’t know that, you probably don’t know that he’s been, uh, disappointed with his current contract situation in Arizona. After scrubbing the Cardinals clean from his Instagram account, sports fans and pro football pundits have been asking, “What’s the deal?” Which is probably why, earlier this week, Murray’s agent, Erik Burkhadt, was prompted to post this statement on behalf of his client:

Who do you think benefited most from this statement, Murray and his agent or the ruthless and unforgiving entirety of The Internet?

You can imagine the feedback, but just in case you can’t, our copywriter, James, made a video to break down the Murray’s agent’s statement. From a writing/messaging perspective, what worked? What didn’t? As writers and communicators, what can we learn from this?

So if you’re in marketing or communications or PR or something—or you’re just a simple sports fan—check out the video!

(Pro tip: Skip James’ blathering introduction and fire up the good stuff right around the 60-second mark.)

What did you think?

You’re invited to roast James online at any of our social media platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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