Lisa made a logo, and the logo looks good.

Have you ever met Lisa Hinterberger? She’s one of our graphic designers. 

Aside from Lisa being super talented (and super pregnant—congrats, Lisa!), she is an absolute joy to jam with on creative projects. One might even say that she “rules.” I certainly would.

So when a new client came to Quilted Squirrel for a hand with rebranding her business (which included writing, designing, and developing this website), we were pumped to see what Lisa would come up with. We even helped her out a little bit. It was sweet!

The result, we think, turned out pretty great. And wouldn’t you know it? The client thought so, too. That’s what you’d call a win-win right there. You love to see it.

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Everyone was so pleased with Lisa’s phenomenal work that we decided she needed to be punished, so we put her in front of the camera to talk about the logo-making process and stuff.

What a treat! What a team. What a time to be alive.

Anyway, the point here is that Lisa made a pretty sick logo. Our thinking is that if you see the logo, you’ll have no choice but to love it. You might even be impressed. And then maybe you’ll want to work with us. Or, at the very least, work with Lisa. (Lisa! Our in-house empress of Adobe.) And then you will call us and we will all work together, making cool stuff for your business… and it will be grand.

I’ve said enough. Let’s hear what Lisa has to say—and more to the point—see what she has created. So here she is! Here is Lisa showing you her logo. Enjoy!

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