Who doesn’t love a good game of tennis?

Apart from slow and slovenly buffoons such as myself, people seem to really like it. And for good reason. It’s classy. It’s competitive. It’s—from what I understand—an excellent cardiovascular activity. Our boss is actually a pretty big tennis guy, so when the South Towns and Village Glen Tennis Clubs hit us up for a new website, we were extra motivated to ace it. That’s a tennis pun. Hey, sometimes this stuff just writes itself.

Anyway, the project was a smashing success—but it wasn’t without its challenges, most of which came on the development side of things. The smoothest, most pleasant user experience called for a lot of back-end intricacies. Self-updating schedules, interactive calendars, membership applications and member portals, user forms, an online shop… there was plenty to dial in during web development.

Fortunately, our lead designer and web dev dude Tyler is super good at his job. And did we mention he totally rules at making videos? So we were like, “Hey, Tyler, will you make a video of yourself explaining the challenges and solutions to web development problems? Something that demonstrates yourself as a subject matter expert, offers people some practical takeaways, showcases our work, and promotes the client’s business all at the same time? You know, for content or whatever?” And Tyler was like, “Sure, I guess.” And so he did. And now here we are.

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