You can only eat one type of soup for the rest of your life—what’s it gonna be?

Yes, you can eat other meals… but every time you eat soup, it’s got to be this one.

Such is the plight we’ve put forth to our TQS staffers this month. And why not? We’re on the cusp (cup?) of soup season. Heck, some of us are already spoon-deep.

It’s a legitimate question, and we want answers. Hot takes on soup? You’ve just been served.

Lisa HinterbergerGraphic Designer
I have to go with split pea soup. Despite the really unappealing appearance (haha), it’s definitely my favorite soup—and I eat a lot of soup! A close second would be a classic chicken noodle.

Steve LingleCEO
I don’t consume a lot of soup. When I do, it’s Progresso beef and vegetable soup—from a can—brought to a consumable temperature after just two minutes in the microwave. It’s fine. I’d have no problem with it being the only soup I consume until my demise. And if that day comes tomorrow, so be it. I won’t let soup define me in life or death.

Chris WhiteCreative Director
This is a tough one. I enjoy a good chicken noodle soup—and even a good broccoli cheddar—but since we have the option of pairing this soup with other meals, it has to be a tomato soup. It’s a lot more versatile, as far as soups go. Grilled cheese sandwich + tomato soup = YUM.

Tyler McElhaneyGraphic Designer
I love a good New England clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl, but that would get too intense after a handful or so. I’m going with a homemade chicken noodle for sure.

Jerry LeeMarketing Strategist
How often do most people eat soup? Isn’t that really a “just in case” meal? For the times when you’re too busy to shop for groceries, or too sick to put just about anything else in the microwave? I guess I’ll eat soup if it’s served at an event or gathering, but if I could only pick one, it’d probably be cream of mushroom since it’s used to make real food.

James ColomboCopywriter & Content Strategist
I like this question because it almost always digs up some sort of memory a person has about their family life—for better or worse—which (in theory) gives me an intimate glimpse of their personality. If they say, “Oh, I am eating my mom’s split pea soup from now until the end of time,” that might tell me something. But if they say, “Uh, the broccoli cheddar soup from Panera, I guess,” that might tell me something else. Either way, these insights (in theory) will help me form a better relationship with that person. To summarize, I have not answered this question.

Looking for more hot soup takes? You know where to find ’em.

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