We love video projects at TQS. They give us a chance to flex our creative muscles, and bring our clients’ stories to life in creative and compelling ways. And a decade+ of filming, editing, color grading, and rendering, has left us with a fairly comprehensive video production library. You’re welcome to peruse the full collection, but if you’re short on time, we’ve pulled together a few of our favs right here.

Motion Graphics Commercial

Can you think of a better way to explain how heat pump technology works than using a pastrami sandwich analogy? We couldn’t either. And hence, our 30-second motion graphics commercial for a local HVAC contractor, using high engagement, fast paced motion and visuals.

TV / Web Commercial

We wanted to take advantage of the excitement around the start of football season in WNY, and make the Chiavetta’s name synonymous with backyard barbecues and tailgates to kickoff the season. This 30-second TV & web commercial helped to set the tone.

On-Location Filming

Our long-time client, Walsh Duffield Insurance, wanted to improve their recruitment process, and attract high quality job candidates. And what a better way to engage with prospective employees than by pulling back the curtain, and showing what it’s like to be part of their team. So we pulled together a solid storyboard, packed up our gear to film on location, and produced this video to showcase the best of what Walsh has to offer.

Mockumentary / Humor

We challenge you to find someone who loves parking lots more than Chiavetta’s – or at least cooking chicken in parking lots. To embrace their passion for pavement, and continue to inject personality into the Chiavetta’s brand, we produced this mockumentary style video profiling the head of Lot Assessment Personnel team, Jon Lott.

Hometown Pride

This quick promo teaser video was one of the first pieces designed to start building excitement for the new Medaille College Sports Complex. Taking the viewer through a few iconic spots in the Buffalo area, it features an high energy blend of live action, motion graphics, and even a cameo drone shot finish.

Whiteboard Animation

A fan favorite and popular request, this whiteboard animation style video helped bring to life the benefits of working with Nova Wealth to plan your retirement. It’s a timeless style and engaging format that works for almost any product or service.

Finding yourself inspired? Want some ideas for your next video project? Or maybe you’re ready-to-go and need a talented team to bring your idea to life? Either way, get in touch today, and let’s get to work!

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