Building a new homepage?


Some might say your homepage is the face of your website, so it’s got to look good. 

Others might say, no, your homepage is the heart of your website, so it’s got to feel good. 

Phrase it any way you want, your homepage is the most important part of your website. 

It’s also—for us—one of the most fun parts of any website project. We love it!

So when Chiavetta’s came to us for some help re-building their website from top to bottom, we developed an immediate appetite for excellence. 

But did we execute?

We like to think so. And since Chiavetta’s seems to like it, let’s use the work as an example of how to make a user-friendly homepage. 

Here’s what we think works for the Chiavetta’s homepage, and what could work for your homepage, too.

Feature a video.

We popped off the Chiavetta’s homepage with a custom-made video that captures the tastiest element of the Chiavetta’s brand: hot grills, splashy marinades, and succulent BBQ.

Our creative director, Chris, got all smoky, hot, and sweaty making this video.

That sentence sounded unnecessarily sexy, but it’s been typed.

There’s no going back. Sorry. 

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Add the most useful CTA.

You’re hungry, so you go online to order some food. But you can’t find the menu. Or a quick and easy way to order.

So now you’re hangry. The worst, right?

Not at

A prominently placed CTA (“ORDER NOW”) at the top of the homepage directs you straight to the Chiavetta’s menu. From there, you have a clear path to order takeout from your closest location.

UPDATE:  During the NFL season, the “ORDER NOW” CTA will link out to a special webpage for the Chiavetta’s Game Day Party Package.

Highlight on-site locations (and help people find you). 

Did you know that Chiavetta’s has two brick-and-mortar restaurants? Yep, there’s one in Brant, New York, and another in Lockport, New York.

But not everyone knows that.

To fix that, we illustrated each Chiavetta’s location and placed them side-by-side toward the top of the homepage.

And to get people in the door or on the phone, we added Google Maps functionality and phone numbers, too.

Create a services hub.

After takeout, Chiavetta’s has four key services: fundraising, pop-up events, products, and catering.

On the homepage, we created clear entry points to each of these webpages.

For the most consistent look and feel, every section features the same structure and elements:

  • Custom iconography

The design elements on the homepage reflect the flavor of the Chiavetta’s brand and its commitment to the community.

Lisa made these. Lisa is our graphic designer. Lisa rules.

Meet Lisa and see what her design process looks like in this video.

  • Custom photos

Real photos of real people in real settings are always the best way to go.

So Tyler, our all-purpose web designer and developer, snapped the photos you see on the Chiavetta’s homepage.

Meet Tyler and get a sneak peek at his skill set in this video.

  • Header > subhead > paragraph copy > CTA

James is our content strategist and copywriter, so he, uh, strategized this content and wrote the copy on the homepage.

He’ll walk you through his process soon, but until then, you can catch some of his marketing tips in this video.

Listen to your client!

When our friends at Chiavetta’s told us how important their brand values were, we listened. What’s more, we acted.

At the bottom of the homepage, we added the company’s core values: Commitment. Community. Tradition.

Paired with a tagline that celebrates the brand’s local legacy, the message helps customers remember how Chiavetta’s is one of the most recognized, well-respected names in BBQ. (The message was so important, in fact, that we included it on every webpage.) 

Much like the other webpages on your website, your homepage should be attractive, interactive, and useful. It should tell a story. And the story should always—always—be worth reading. 

Want to learn more about our work with Chiavetta’s? 

Check out this blog.

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