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150 Forward: Spotlight on the Chautauqua Institution

Some of our favorite projects are ones we get to build from the ground up—websites, campaigns, you name it. Being a part of the creative process that helps bring big ideas to life is basically why we’re in this business, which is why we’re proud and excited to highlight the work we’ve recently completed for [ view the rest ]

Trashed: A Theft on Lake Street

The Quilted Squirrel is located on Lake Street in Hamburg, NY at the intersection of Highland Ave in a rather unassuming building housing several other local businesses. Though Lake Street is a thoroughfare, the streets adjacent to it are quiet and residential—home to families, retirees, playgrounds and parks. In the summer, the lawns are manicured [ view the rest ]

The Quilted Squirrel: Purveyors of Fine Quality Astrology

Over the past couple of days, our server has been up and down more times than a faulty hot air balloon. Though the IT department is on top of it, we’ve been left with periodic chunks of downtime. After spending the first few interruptions contemplating our existence, we’ve turned to a more productive pastime: astrology. [ view the rest ]

First Annual TQS Staff Summer Predictions

Happy summer! We’ve been holding our breath for a while now, but we think it’s finally safe to ring in the season without jinxing it, and this year we’re kicking it off with our first ever round of TQS Staff Summer Predictions. We’ve consulted our horoscopes and made our best guesses as to what the [ view the rest ]

Ellen, Chinchillas, and the Personality Cult of Guy Fieri: Meet Our New Hires

The wait is over. After narrowing the field of applicants and conducting several rounds of interviews, two lunch meetings and exactly one trip to Dave & Busters, we’re excited to announce that we’ve grown by two employees! Courtney joins us as a graphic designer, and Olivia joins as our resident copywriter. You’ll probably be seeing [ view the rest ]

No Excuses: Crafting an Integrated Campaign with Medaille College

We at The Quilted Squirrel pride ourselves on several things: great taste in office décor, partial photographic memory (but only in sepia tone), and our ability to execute on integrated campaigns. And we’re not just the creative brains behind the concept – as a full-service agency able to produce radio and TV ads in-house, we’re [ view the rest ]

The Ultimate TQS Springtime Playlist

All of us at TQS are beyond ready to finally lose the bottom half of our zip-off pants and trade in the old socks-and-boots combo for the more superior socks-and-sandals look. And everyone knows that the way to make spring weather come more quickly is by welcoming it in with song. To achieve this, we [ view the rest ]

Words of Encouragement

Everyone, meet Kit! Kit recently joined our team as an intern – and besides helping us with daily tasks and laughing at our jokes, she’s also great at giving the occasional pep talk. So great, in fact, that sometimes it takes us a few days to really let her profound words sink in. This was [ view the rest ]

A Very Thoughtfully Curated Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Yeah, yeah, “Valentine’s Day is just a commercial holiday.” We’ve heard it over and over again. But here at TQS, we’ve decided we’re not accepting that excuse anymore. After all, who makes excuses to avoid spreading love and showing appreciation for the special someone in their life? Monsters. That’s who. Or people who just forgot [ view the rest ]

The Man Behind the 9am Bag of Buffalo Wing Flavored Pretzel Thins

Here at the Quilted Squirrel, we have a handful of daily occurrences that manage to provide a sense of comfort among the chaos of agency life. They’re kind of like our rocks* that keep us grounded. The “beep beep” of the alarm system when the door opens. The whirring noise when the tenant upstairs flushes [ view the rest ]

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