The year was 2022. The month was June. The topic of conversation? Meat. 

Or, more specifically, a meat raffle

Oh, and golf was involved, too. A golf tournament!

But this wasn’t about a getaway weekend for the boys. It was really about raising money for the kids.

Our kind-of-sort-of client at the time, Saints Peter & Paul School in Hamburg, New York, needed some help promoting two fundraising events for its pre-K4–grade 8 Catholic school. And since our boss, Steve, is a member of that school community, he offered up our services. 

So we whipped up some landing pages and posters.

And then school leaders were like, “Hm. We didn’t hate that. What else can Quilted Squirrel do for us?”

Fast-forward to the present day and our relationship with Saints Peter & Paul has evolved—now we’re working together to enhance the school’s enrollment efforts. 

That’s our goal. Here’s how we’ve been helping to make it happen.


To supplement our understanding of the school community, we:

  • Developed and distributed a parent survey to:
    • Gauge perceptions of the school community
    • Determine keywords and ideas that will impact messaging
    • Identify the best opportunities to connect with the school’s audience
  • Collected data to observe the state of education on local and national levels
  • Attended a school board meeting to discuss marketing strategies with school leaders


We quickly identified the school’s open house as a place to start our campaign. To promote the open house, we:

  • Designed and developed a landing page for parents to register for the event
  • Created and distributed a direct-mail print piece (postcard) to targeted households
  • Created and shared ads on the parents’ preferred social media site
  • Created radio ads to play on the parents’ preferred radio station
  • Set up an interview with a school leader on the parents’ preferred radio station

Makes sense, right? We think so. But less telling and more showing. 

Here’s what the work looks like:

Want to work with us?

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