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Sometimes we all surrender to the flow of social media. Don’t you? We do. We really do. Social media! Here’s who we’re following.

Emily Olek, Account Manager
I’ve recently become a resident of Flavortown USA and I proudly support my mayor, @guyfieri.

Steve Lingle, CEO
Joey Mulinaro on Twitter (@joeymulinaro). Funny, smart, creative, great impressions. Mostly sports stuff, but a few wild cards here and there.

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Chris White, Creative Director
I guess this is how I know I’m old… I don’t really follow anyone on social, or really even pay much attention to it other than the very occasional Facebook check-in. However, there is this guy named Rick Beato that I do follow on YouTube. He’s a great watch if you’re into music (learning or listening to) at all. Otherwise, I mostly live vicariously through my kids, as they share a slew of ridiculous memes with me on a daily basis.

Tyler McElhaney, Graphic Designer
@iamthirtyaf just regurgitates funny tweets mostly, geared towards us elder millennials. 

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Lisa Hinterberger, Graphic Designer
@davidchang — I love food and am a self-proclaimed foodie!

Jerry Lee, Marketing Strategist
Decent Pigeon (@decentbirthday) is the best Twitter Account since Bread (@bread_I_am). If you’re a fan of dry, observational humor with punchlines, we might get along. You also may want to give Decent Pigeon a look.

James Colombo, Copywriter & Content Strategist
Matty Matheson is a loud-mouthed, ham-handed, full-body-tattooed chef from Fort Erie, Ontario, which is just minutes from Buffalo, right over the Peace Bridge. Super cool, funny, and talented guy. Love him and his cookbooks.

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