Is a hot dog a sandwich?

In honor of national hot dog month, we grilled the staff to see what each other has to say about this hotly contested conversation. Get a healthy helping of our red-hot wiener takes right here.

Emily OlekAccount Manager
According to, a hot dog is “a person who shows off, especially a skier or surfer who performs stunts or tricks,” as in, “macho hot dogs who take too many risks.” Yeah, those macho hot dogs are totally the worst. In conclusion, a hot dog is not a sandwich.

Lisa HinterbergerGraphic Designer
No, definitely not. Sandwiches are way better!

Steve LingleCEO

Chris WhiteCreative Director
Nope. I’m not even sure if a hot dog should really qualify as a food, beyond the bun and whatever condiments adorn it. Side note, it’s been at least a year and a half since my last hot dog. I usually only eat them at two yearly events… neither of which happened this past year.

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Tyler McElhaneyGraphic Designer
Nope. I used to play this “tour game” where if you take a bite out of a sandwich, and set it down, anyone else in the game could punch your sandwich as hard as they want. The only way to keep it safe is to put another object on top of your sandwich (a french fry, straw, wrapper, etc). First rule was that burritos and hot dogs were not deemed sandwiches.

Jerry LeeMarketing Strategist
Important question, but no. The answer’s no. Just as important, though, does a “bread sandwich” imply a piece of bread placed between two others, or two slices of bread with nothing between them?

James ColomboCopywriter & Content Strategist
No. A hot dog is a taco. It has all the structural integrities of a taco. Proteins and vegetables are stuffed into a “V” or “U” shaped vessel, topped with tasty sauces, and consumed. A hot dog is a taco, damnit. I will die on this taco. I mean hill.

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