Ghosts. Ghouls. Spirits.

Do they “live” among us… or are they nothing more than a figment of our imagination? That’s what we asked our Quilted Squirrel staffers this month. Here’s what we think, believe, and want to believe.

Lisa HinterbergerGraphic Designer
Sadly, I have no paranormal story to share. But I like to think people from your past visit you from time to time and watch over you.

Steve LingleCEO
All I can say is, watch Surviving Death on Netflix. On the “Ghost Believer” scale, I went from about a 2 or 3 to a solid 7 after watching. I also did have one potentially paranormal experience as a child, maybe age 12, but I’m not yet comfortable talking about it. Maybe in another 28 years I’ll feel differently.

Chris WhiteCreative Director
Undetermined. I’ve never personally experienced any definitive life event where something so incredibly weird or unexplainable left me with no other choice but to confirm a belief in the paranormal. Perhaps the new, heavily-promoted-during-football-games CBS original (which does not seem to really be the case, since the show looks to be an adaptation of a BBC series which first aired in 2019) Ghosts will convince me. We’ll see.

Tyler McElhaneyGraphic Designer
Nope. I’m forever a skeptic. I’ve been to the “most haunted house in the country” twice (Whaley House in Old Town San Diego) and saw the “proof” book of “orbs” which is just shot after shot of dust in an old ass house reflecting off of their camera flashes.

Jerry LeeMarketing Strategist

Franklin Heinzmann, Account Coordinator
Yes, I do believe in ghosts. I don’t know if I’m taking any sort of bait, but I see these old, abandoned locations that are advertised as haunted, all the ghost-hunting television shows, the ghost-hunting field… it all checks out in my book. Now I hear that Teslas are detecting ghosts around graveyards?! There’s too much evidence to discount the idea that ghosts exist.

Alyssa Boczar, Senior Account Manager
Yes, I believe. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered any spooks, but I know people who have. And that’s fine with me. Don’t have much to say to a ghost anyway. I don’t need to see to believe.

James ColomboCopywriter & Content Strategist
I feel I never told you the story of the ghost that I once knew and talked to, of whom I’d never boast. For this was my big secret—how I’d get ahead—and never have to worry… I’d call him instead. His answer came in actions. He never spoke a word. Or maybe I laid down the phone before he could be heard? I somehow feel forsaken, like he had closed the door. I guess I just stopped needing him as much as once before. But maybe he’s still with me… the latch was left unhooked. He’s waiting in the wind and rain—I simply haven’t looked!

Happy Halloween!

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