Would you consider yourself to be a “lucky” person?

Now that it’s St. Paddy’s season, we thought we’d see how our TQS staffers feel about superstitions. Are we lucky? Unlucky? Uh, something else? Find out what our staffers are saying here.

Steve Lingle, CEO
Life is full of random events and coincidences. And lots of luck. Sometimes people are lucky. And plenty more are unlucky. I think it all evens out, in the end, for most. I do think, though, that we make a series of thousands of decisions in our lives that put us in whatever situation in which we find ourselves—some compounding, some not—good, bad, or indifferent.

Sure, sometimes I like to think I can influence from afar whether or not my son will win his tennis match. But really it’s the work and preparation he puts in for weeks and months in advance, and decisions within that match, that will determine the outcome, win or lose—with some luck mixed in. But I still encourage him to put his right shoe on before his left. What kind of a maniac would do otherwise? You’d just be setting yourself for disaster, you know?

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Franklin Heinzmann, Account Coordinator
I tend to think everything happens for a reason… BUT that all goes out the window when it comes to my beloved Buffalo Bills, specifically with what I wear on game days. I found a lot of success this past season wearing my red Stefon Diggs jersey, my pair of Zubaz, and my Bills socks. Now, granted, that’s not the number-one reason the Bills won the games they did this season, but I’d like to think my game-day attire played, and will continue to play, a small role in the Bills’ success.

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Jerry Lee, Marketing Strategist
Do I believe in superstitions? In a word: absolutely not. (I guess that’s two words?) Honestly, I don’t believe in much. Other than science and my mom, most things in life will let you down. Believing in superstitions means believing in fate, or magic, or influence by the supernatural, none of which I put much stock in. If I did, it would probably only be in the potential afterlife, but even there, I suspect there’d be much more to explore and spend your time on. After all, whatever your religion, most believe there’s some pretty cool stuff going on after you pass away—things more rewarding than flickering the light switch of one of the living. If not, I can think of better things to do on a Sunday.

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James A. Colombo III, Copywriter & Content Strategist
I want to say no, so I’m going to go with no, even though that might not totally be true. I would love to believe that my idiosyncratic nonsense has absolutely no effect on, say, whether the Buffalo Bills win or lose a game—I really would. But doing so would mean admitting that I am NOT, in fact, the center of the universe… and I am neither mentally nor emotionally prepared to grapple with such a “reality.”

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Lisa Hinterberger, Graphic Designer
Only when it comes to the Bills. Some game-day rituals include making a meal from the opposing team’s city and wearing my vintage Bills hoodie for just about every game. For the most part the hoodie has served me (and us) well!

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Alyssa Boczar, Senior Account Manager
Do I believe in superstitions? Yes.  Can I be found cutting a rug to Stevie Wonder’s hit by the same name? Also yes. As such, I try to avoid black cats, ladders, and open umbrellas under a roof. I’ve also been known to wear my PJs inside out and place a spoon under my pillow to try and conjure up a snow day. I believe in luck, crossing my fingers, and wishes on wishbones and birthday candles. I’d share the wish that I made on my last birthday, but then it wouldn’t come true.

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Tyler McElhaney, Website Developer
I like the idea of superstitions, especially with sports, but I think that life is just a series of coincidences with no significant rhyme or reason. Any string of occurrences is just purely circumstantial. But rally caps, funny socks, and not washing your underwear—that I can always get behind. But will it make a football team playing across the country win this weekend? No. Also, please wash your underwear.

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Christopher White, Creative Director
I’ve become less superstitious as I’ve gotten older. I used to buy into it more… like wearing a certain article of clothing/jersey when watching or going to sporting events. However, being a lifelong Buffalo sports fan—with the associated less-than-favorable outcomes when it really counts—has greatly skewed that line of thinking.


Are you feeling lucky?

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