It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!

Looks like our old pal Lucy made it to Quilted Squirrel to celebrate spring.

That, or she’s looking to make some music with the “beautiful sound of nickels.”

We think it’s the latter, as she’s come to share some words of wisdom with our Quilted Squirrel staffers—in exchange for five cents apiece, of course.

Have we lost our minds? Maybe. We seem to think we’re “Peanuts” characters. Fortunately, Lucy’s here to provide some much needed psychiatric help.


If our Quilted Squirrel staffers were “Peanuts” characters, who would we be… and why? Let’s find out. 

Steve Lingle, CEO > Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown
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Steve is our humble leader.

He is loyal, determined, and responsible.

He is kind. He is patient. He loves to help others.

Tasked with the pleasure of managing a lovable band of misfits, Steve finds a way to make sure everyone is in their right place at the right time.

Without Charlie Brown, there wouldn’t be any “Peanuts.”

Without Steve, there wouldn’t be any Quilted Squirrel.


Christopher White, Creative Director > Snoopy as “The Red Baron”

Image credit: Charles M. Schulz

Chris is creative, fiercely imaginative, and down for any adventure.

He is courageous. He is a leader. He is a proud protector of the Quilted Squirrel brand.

Like Snoopy’s alter ego, “The Red Baron,” Chris is an ace who attacks challenges with gusto—and he rarely misses.

Chris’s ability to visualize elaborate scenarios is Quilted Squirrel’s secret weapon, without which our creative work would be, well, a lot less creative.


Alyssa Boczar, Senior Account Manager > Sally

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Alyssa is the inquisitive type. She is always asking questions and, more importantly, getting answers.

She is energetic. She is strong-willed. She is impossibly optimistic.

When things get crazy, she knows she can always rely on her big brother, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the gang to get work done.

Like Sally, Alyssa is bright and sunny and charming. Her good-heartedness helps the team stay upbeat and excited about new opportunities.

She is, quite simply, a delight.


Lisa Hinterberger, Graphic Designer > Snoopy as “Joe Cool”

Snoopy as Joe Cool
Image credit: Charles M. Schulz

Lisa is really, really, really, really cool. Like, super cool.

She is clever. She is dynamic. She is the most likable person on the planet, and she adds a little color to every scene at Quilted Squirrel.

Like Snoopy’s alter ego, “Joe Cool,” Lisa gives off the sort of vibe that makes you go, “Oh, yeah, this is the kind of person I want to hang with.”

And hanging with Lisa always leads to laughs, which makes working together so much easier. And better. And more fun!

Lisa is the coolest.


Franklin Heinzmann, Account Coordinator > Franklin

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Franklin is interesting, interested, and always willing to lend a hand.

He is kind. He is active. He is… also named Franklin.

Franklin joined the gang a little later than the others, but he enjoys their odd quirks and unique talents, often contributing his own—with favorable results.

Like Franklin, Franklin combines his love of sports with an appreciation for good friends and doing great things. He’s an asset we wouldn’t want to be without.


Jerry Lee, Marketing Strategist > Snoopy

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Jerry loves reading, writing, and drinking (root) beer.

He is mischievous. He is poetic. He is smart and strong and resilient.

Like Snoopy, Jerry is a phenomenal joy to be around. He has a preposterous capacity to produce high-quality takes at an alarmingly consistent level. From small jokes to profound epiphanies, Jerry always delivers.

Is there a single person on the planet who doesn’t love Jerry? No, there is not.



James A. Colombo III, Copywriter > Pigpen


James may not look like much and seems to accept this fact as a source of pride.

He is soulful. He is compassionate. He hasn’t showered in days.

Like Pigpen, James can astound an audience with a statement or two. His quips can be warm and comforting or catch you completely off guard (in a good way, usually).

James is as disheveled as he is insightful, which is how you can tell he’s a writer. More than that, he looks forward to meeting you.


Tyler McElhaney, Website Developer > Woodstock


Tyler is a radical who was born from a beautiful world of music and invention.

He is friendly. He is lovable. He is unfettered by the limitless of his imagination.

Like Woodstock, Tyler is more of a doer than a sayer; his actions speak louder than words. When Tyler does something, like make a video or develop a website, you have no choice but sit and stare in awe.

Tyler always helps the team get to where they need to be, no matter what.


See all your Pea-nutty friends in “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!” this weekend.

You don’t have to celebrate Easter to enjoy a “Peanuts” holiday classic. “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!” is streaming on Apple TV.

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Thanks for reading. ✌️

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