Looking for opportunities to personalize your brand and connect with your audience?

We’ve got a few content ideas for you to try. But first—some context.

Last summer, we introduced you to the Kaz magazine, a value-add print piece we produce for Kaz Home Improvements.

In that blog, we encouraged you to include six key pieces of content. But in our latest edition of the Kaz magazine, we added five more.

If you’re interested in creating a more personal connection with your audience, consider making these five pieces of content.

1. User guides

Informing and inspiring readers is always the name of the game, so what industry-specific information can you share?

For the Kaz mag, we developed “The Roofing Report,” a three-part guide to help homeowners understand every angle of their roofs.

How can you help your audience solve a problem, accomplish a goal, or make an improvement?

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling guitars or fixing garages—try creating meaningful opportunities for your audience to do something worthwhile.

Remember: The more useful your content, the more valuable you are to your customers.

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2. Custom (or carefully curated) photos and artwork

Yes, we customized much of our own artwork for the magazine. But when we couldn’t, we didn’t!

Instead, we mixed and matched our talents with existing content to create something that works. Specifically, we:

  • Found at least 40 unique photos and illustrations
  • Mixed them into fresh graphic designs
  • Created a cohesive flow throughout the “Roofing Report” section of the magazine

What’s the point?

You’re not beholden to customizing photos, graphics, or images 100%  of the time.

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3. Careers page

Recruitment and hiring is a hot topic for a lot of companies these days. As it happens, Kaz Home Improvements is looking for experienced home improvement experts.

Which benefits mean the most to your audience? Why would someone want to work for you (or your client)? What does the job-site and/or workforce look like? How are customers responding to the work you do?

Include as much information as you can—but be careful not to overload your page with too much copy.

Check out the new Kaz magazine to see what we included on the careers page!

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4. Feature story about an employee

Let’s say you want to renovate your house.

You’re looking for good people to do great work, but where should you go? Who can you trust?

You don’t want to feel like strangers are walking in and around your home. You want these folks to feel like your friends or neighbors.

A desire for personability might not be specific to every customer, but it can be an important part of the buyer’s journey. So we interviewed a Kaz employee, got to know him, and shared his story in the magazine.

The goal here is to personalize the employee and therefore the company. Here’s we did it and how you can, too:

  • Write the employee’s story in an article
  • Introduce the employee right away
  • Acknowledge the employee’s professional experience
  • Explain the employee’s role with the company
  • Refer to the employee by their first name throughout the article
  • Celebrate the employee’s personal hobbies or accomplishments
  • Include real photos of the employee (and/or family members)
  • Feature authentic quotes/ideas/stories from the employee

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5. Food and drink

Nothing brings people together like a good meal or tasty beverage. For this edition of the Kaz mag, we honed in on a summer classic: BBQ.

What will work for you?

Christmas cookie recipes? Thanksgiving Day sides? Super Bowl snacks?

It could be anything! People love to eat and drink. Good and beverages are always the great equalizer.

What are you dishing out to drum up some love from your customers?

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Personality is everything.

You want to work with people you know, like, and respect. And so do we. Check out some of our work, give us a call, and let’s get to it!

Until then, check us out on LinkedInFacebookTwitter, and Vimeo.

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