Is it time for pie?

Thanksgiving dinner is done and there’s only one thing standing between you and having to do the dishes: sweet, sweet pie. So take your time and savor the flavor—but don’t wait too long, because your drunken uncle is sizing up your seat in that La-Z-Boy by the fire.

As for us, which type of pie will we be digging into this holiday season? Here’s what our staffers are craving.

Alyssa Boczar, Senior Account Manager
Cherry pie. Preferably, freshly out of the oven, made with love, crust from scratch, and handpicked tart cherries.

James A. Colombo III, Copywriter & Content Strategist
I’m not much of a pie guy, which you probably wouldn’t believe if you ever saw me. Because if you ever saw me, you’d probably think, “Say now, there’s a fella who likes his pie.”

“There’s a real sweet tooth,” you’d say.

“There goes one crumbly crust and Cool Whip connoisseur!” you’d exclaim.

But I’m not, really. Not at all, actually.

So while you’d be right to assume I like pie, your assumption would ultimately be wrong.

It’s a sticky situation, isn’t it? You know, sticky. Because pie is sticky. And so is the situation. This sticky pie assumption situation… it’s what some are calling the Great Pie Paradox of our time.

So, no, I don’t have a go-to, no-brainer, number-one pie to pick. I just go around looking like a guy who likes pie. Am I filled with jellies and jams? Yes. Do they come from pies? No. I’m simply an innocent byproduct of The Great Pie Paradox of our time.

But if I had to pick a pie—gun to my head, no way out, absolutely must pick a pie—it would probably have to be rhubarb, strawberry or otherwise.

Steve Lingle, CEO
Chocolate cream pie. I’ll also consider apple and lemon meringue. Anyone who says rhubarb, strawberry or otherwise, is insane. Rhubarb is a vegetable and vegetables are useless as a dessert.

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Franklin Heinzmann, Account Coordinator
In my book, apple pie will always reign supreme. However, in my family, it’s tradition to make a pumpkin ice cream pie along with the usual Thanksgiving staples. Highly recommend giving it a shot this year!

Lisa Hinterberger, Graphic Designer
There’s only one pie. And that is apple pie. Everyone else can get in line.

Jerry Lee, Marketing Strategist
Key lime, but only good key lime. Bad key lime pie tastes like medicine. I don’t like medicine for dessert.

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Tyler McElhaney, Website Developer
I’m not a big dessert person, but pie is okay in my book. I dig a strawberry pie with whipped cream on it. Same with pumpkin. An apple crumble is also satisfying. But I can’t remember the last time I went and bought a pie.

Christopher White, Creative Director
Apple. Though, I’ll give a good pumpkin pie a go for Thanksgiving if it’s on the menu.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you’re heading to a family get-together or trying to avoid your family altogether, you can always check us out on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Cheers.

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