The great American poet Robert Hunter describes the departure of a dear friend in his poignant poem Bird Song:

All I know is something like a bird within her sang
All I know she sang a little while and then flew on
Tell me all that you know
I’ll show you
Snow and rain

If you hear that same sweet song again, will you know why?
Anyone who sings a tune so sweet is passing by
Laugh in the sunshine
Sing, cry in the dark
Fly through the night

Don’t cry now
Don’t you cry
Don’t you cry any more

Heavy are the words of a heartfelt farewell to a lost loved one and such is the vibe here at Quilted Squirrel as we say fare thee well to our project & account manager, Emily Baczynski, who concludes her 3 1/2-year tenure at our agency this week.

We sat down with Emily to find out where shes going (and dear God, why?). As is typical of most conversations with Emily, the mood perked up considerably and many laughs were had. Were tears shed? Maybe so, maybe not. Heres what she had to say in our little Q & A:

Alright, Emily. First things first… why hast thou forsaken us?!
Ill be taking on a fully remote role as a project manager at a branded merch and custom product company.

Cool! Were super thrilled for you (we really truly are), but were also going to miss
you terribly. Are you going to miss us?!

I will miss 80% of you. Only from the knees up. I wont miss any of your calves.

Youve helped us create and sustain so many good relationships with our clients. What do you think they can expect from us while youre gone?
An exact cardboard replica of me in every video call, but with Jerrys voice.

Being an accounts person and project manager is a lot of responsibility. What advice do you have for folks who work in a similar position?
Use a planner, reference your calendar often, keep organized lists, get a nice pen, do a little
dance, make a little love, get down tonight.

Well soon be hiring someone to fill your shoes. Any early insights to share with this person before you hit the road? Something they should know about us or our clients?
James keeps the good stuff in his bottom left-hand drawer.

So just to be clearyoure moving on, but youre not moving away… or are you?
I will still be here… or will I?

Nice. Any last remarks?

Welp, that’s the way she goes. Want to find out where we go from here? Follow us onLinkedIn,Facebook, orTwitter!

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