OH BABY! Sorry for yelling. But it’s Bills seasonnn.

Your defending AFC Championship contenders are back in red, white, and blue—and that means we’ve got AT LEAST 17 glorious weeks of Buffalo Bills football. Will we see another home-team push into the playoffs? Let’s find out what the TQS team has to say. Well, most of us anyway.

Emily OlekAccount Manager
I see where you’re going with this and I won’t participate.

Lisa HinterbergerGraphic Designer
Super Bowl champs 2022! But don’t quote me.

Editor’s note: We are, in fact, quoting her. 

Steve LingleCEO
The Bills will finish the season in Inglewood, California, the site of Super Bowl LVI. This will come on the heels of a 17-0 regular season record, and 3-0 post-season record. They will subsequently be named Super Bowl champions. As of writing this, they’re 2-0 in the preseason… so… prove me wrong.

Chris WhiteCreative Director
The Bills will once again reign atop the AFC East (14-3). They will then reach a new level of success in this modern era, as they prevail as victor in an AFC Championship rematch against the Kansas City Chiefs, and progress to the most Super of Bowls. In the big game, they will face their ultimate nemesis—Tom Brady—and his Tampa Bay Bucs. It will be a hard-fought match as the two teams trade the lead throughout until the waning minutes. But, in the end, the Bills run for the big prize will be foiled as Tyler Bass kicks a last-second field goal wide LEFT to seal their fate (and his). Not the outcome I would desire, but this is the way.

Editor’s note: Why, Chris, why?!

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Tyler McElhaneyGraphic Designer
The Bills will finish the regular season 13-4 on top of the AFC East. They will have a huge comeback win in the divisional playoff round and coast through the AFC Championship game. In the Super Bowl, they will ultimately lose in heartbreaking fashion due to Cole Beasely forgetting his shoelaces as time runs out. It is the way.

Jerry LeeMarketing Strategist
I’m not ready to commit to an answer here. I spent the last two decades wishing for a decent team and I’m still in shock from the success of last year’s team. The thing is, two decades of terrible football has the bar so low you can trip over it, and now, after one good season (albeit incredibly good), I feel like we’ve been rushed into the “Super Bowl or Bust” segments on ESPN. Why? Can’t we get a few years of “pretty good” pizza before expecting Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe quality? I’d be happy with pretty good pizza and attainable expectations. That said, I won’t be sucked in to predicting anything more than a potentially-fun season. That’s it. I won’t go as far as predicting a 12-5 season, and I won’t be guilted into predicting another AFC Championship game loss. I won’t do it. It’s simply too much anxiety for a Bills fan to deal with. Good luck trying to make head cases out of the other staff, though. Sounds fun!

James ColomboCopywriter & Content Strategist
“No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.” Consider all the wagons circled as Buffalo Bills General Josh Allen leads his team to a 17-0 regular season record and clean sweep of the playoffs into a Super Bowl LVI victory over the—make sure you write this down—Washington Football Team.

Hot takes? We’ve got ’em.

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