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You’re building your brand, eh? Nice. Whether you’re starting up or starting over, you’ll want to pinpoint a personality that makes the most sense for you and your customers. Let’s take a look at the 12 different brand archetypes, or “personalities,” that your brand could represent. We’ll put them in the context of your typical marketing needs—from the basics (brand identity) to the works (full-blown marketing plan).

This way you can learn more about the marketing process and see our skills on display at the same time.

Make sense? It will, we promise.

1. Brand archetypes as logos

Your brand identity. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Your brand needs fonts, colors, and logos that showcase your vibe and resonate with your audience.

Here are three different types of brand archetypes (The Outlaw, The Magician, and The Hero) and what their brand identity might look like.


Does your brand look like any of these brand archetypes? It’s totally cool if they don’t because they don’t have to. Every brand is different.

2. Brand archetypes as websites

Establishing a brand identity is one thing, but now you need a web strategy. You know, a sexy website and solid content to keep people coming.

Here are three more brand archetypes (The Lover, The Jester, and The Everyman) and thumbnail sketches of what their websites might look like. We made these ourselves. Actually, Lisa did. Lisa’s the best.


Is your brand romantic? Playful? Delightfully ordinary? Once you establish your personality, you’ll need graphic design, copywriting, and website development that put it on full display for the world to see. You know what that means: an eye-popping website that attracts, engages, and inspires.

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3. Brand archetypes as social media images

Your brand identity is done. Your website is up and running. It’s time to boost your brand with a fresh social media presence that ties them both together.

Imagine your brand represents one of these three brand archetypes (The Caregiver, The Ruler, and The Creator). Here’s what your social media content could look like. Thanks, Lisa!


In a perfect world of perfect branding for your perfect business, you’ll have a social media presence that syncs up seamlessly with your website and other marketing materials. Should The Outlaw’s social media posts reflect The Lover’s messaging? Certainly not. The point here is to unify your brand across all mediums with a consistent brand identity.

4. Brand archetypes in your marketing plan

Everything is in its right place, but what about your marketing plan? You need a clear-cut positioning statement, goals and objectives, and ways to measure your success (among other things).

Marketing plans are quite involved and honestly pretty hard to illustrate. But hey, we tried. Er, Lisa tried. We think she did a pretty fantastic job, don’t you? Here’s what your marketing plan might look like if it represented three different brand archetypes (The Innocent, The Sage, and The Explorer)… sort of.


Here’s where you can spell out exactly what your brand means, what it wants to do, and how it wants to do it. As a central hub for all things branding, your marketing plan will guide your efforts and help you measure success.

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