Who’s a good blog? Who’s a good blog?!

Wait, that’s not right. Let’s start over.

Some very good dogs and their excellent humans recently came to Quilted Squirrel for some help with their marketing. They needed to develop a web presence for their new business: Barkology, Buffalo’s first and only dog park. Needless to say, we welcomed the opportunity with open arms and a whole lot of pets. Like, a lot of pets. (After all, who doesn’t love dogs?)

Together, we helped Barkology:

  • Build a bridge between its existing brand elements and new online presence
  • Choose colors and design graphics that accentuate the Barkology brand online
  • Write copy and create content that demonstrates Barkology’s distinct personality
  • Develop a landing page and website that establish the business online

We absolutely loved working on this project—but we’re even more thrilled with the results, which you can check out at barkology716.com.

Interested in insights from the team that helped put it all together? Here’s what we’re saying:

Account Management by Emily Olek
“We love working with people and businesses who are truly passionate about what they do, especially when it involves puppies. Megan is building something unique—not to mention objectively cool—to the area, so getting the creative team on board and excited was a pretty seamless process. Opening a new business is beyond stressful, but Megan’s trust in us and her calm, cool, collected nature allowed us to really flex our creative muscles while ensuring that our final product aligned with her vision. I know we’re all excited to give pets with some Pét-nats this summer!” 

Graphic Design by Lisa Hinterberger
“It’s always a bit of a challenge designing something for a space that is yet to be built. With Barkology, we had to draw a lot of inspiration from a mood board and textures found within the facility. We wanted the website to be fun and inviting, but also modern and sleek at the same time. Megan, one of Barkology’s owners, already had a vision in mind, and it was up to us to bring that to life.” 

Copywriting by James Colombo
“The Barkology voice needed to do a few things. First: Sound fun and engaging without coming off too hokey (i.e., some puns are good, too many puns are bad). Second: Describe several different concepts—a bar, a dog park, and a doggy daycare—with the same energy as the overall Barkology brand. And third: Position Barkology as a safe, happy, and healthy place for people and their pups to visit. I’d define the Barkology voice as ‘fun and inviting, yet thoughtful and responsible.’” 

Web Development by Tyler McElhaney
“We wanted to make a clean, modern site for Barkology, built on the WordPress platform and optimized for all devices—especially mobile. Conveying the atmosphere of Barkology in an easy-to-digest format was a high priority, as well as building out simple easy-to-use forms that made the business easily accessible to their customers.” 

Learn more about Barkology!

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