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The inaugural TQS Thanksgiving Day Draft is in the books and boy was it a good one. We’ll spare you the pre-game platitudes and get right to the good stuff. Here’s a blow-by-blow rundown of the TQS Thanksgiving Day Draft:

Round 1

Pick 1: Tyler – FOOTBALL
With the first overall pick in the 2020 TQS Thanksgiving Day Draft, Tyler selected FOOTBALL. A highly coveted pick by some… a widely disregarded selection by others… FOOTBALL goes off the board first. At least one TQS opponent (ahem) was NOT pleased.

A bold pick with bold flavors from a bold man. Would this selection disqualify MASHED POTATOES across the board?! TQS officials would say yes, yes it would. However, spuds of other sorts would remain on the table. I repeat: Other spuds would remain on the table.

Pick 3: Lisa – STUFFING
A timeless classic and fan favorite for friends of all ages, STUFFING got gobbled up with the third overall pick. Perhaps the safest pick in the draft, STUFFING goes to a good team with a strong eye for Turkey Day talent.

Pick 4: James – TURKEY
Slip past No. 4 overall? It couldn’t. It wouldn’t! It didn’t. TURKEY goes to the ham-handed copywriter in the middle of the first round. “It’s turkey… I… what do you mean… I mean, it’s turkey. I like turkey! I like turkey sandwiches!”

This isn’t your mother’s cranberry sauce… or is it? Did she open up a can of cranberry jelly, flop it out onto the table, and let you dig into that jiggling blob of gelatinous goodness? She did? Mine, too! Uh, well, then yes, this is definitely your mother’s cranberry sauce.

Pick 6: Stephanie – GRAVY
The sixth overall pick came with the swift decisiveness of a woman who know what she wants and when she wants it. Stephanie selected GRAVY without a moment’s notice—a true testament to the temperament of a true Thanksgiving draft champion. Brilliant pick!

Pick 7: Emily – DIRTY MARTINIS
Did it really take this long for booze to come off the board? Yes, it did. And yet, at the same time… was this pick a bit of a reach? Surely such a specific beverage selection had other team owners scratching their heads, but hey, if you like what you see, you gotta grab it while you can! Cheers to one tasty pick.

Did I say this would be a blow-by-blow recap of the draft? Now that I look at it, that seems a bit excessive. Instead, how’sabout you just heck out the final results here:


Whose team are you taking to the dinner table?  Which roster looks worst of all? Let us know what you think on the internet box!


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From our dinner tables (and mini bars) to yours, we wish you all the happiest and healthiest of Thanksgiving holidays. Remember to wash your hands and say your prayers!

Love always,

Your Friends at TQS

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