Hey, it’s me, the copywriter.

I’ve spent the majority of my 8-year career working in various in-house marketing departments, so I know how strenuous the scene can be. It doesn’t matter if you’re a quirky startup (been there) or an international conglomerate (done that), it’s your job to produce marketing materials that engage audiences and inspire action—no matter what.

But sometimes your in-house marketing team is shorthanded or swamped, key stakeholders want more options, and deadlines are closer than they appear. When you find yourself in times of trouble, where do you go? Freelancers can do in a pinch, but creative agencies are probably your most valuable asset.

That seems like kind of a convoluted way to say this: Here are three reasons to team up with a creative marketing agency like ours.

1. We’re your partners.

The last thing you want is some black-turtlenecked doofus waltzing into your office and telling you what’s what. It’s your team. Your project. Your people. You’re not looking for a complete overhaul in your department, you just need an extra set of hands to help you cross the finish line. And we love that! Because that’s exactly what we do. As an extension of your marketing team, we’ll help you come out on top.

Or, if you’re a marketing coordinator who needs help executing a plan or project on a larger scale, we can operate as a full-service agency that follows your lead. We’ll up the rigging. All you need to do is heed the order and watch the sail.

If you’re thinking, “Man, we need to up our game on this one,” or “Who can help us bring this idea to life?” look no further than your friendly neighborhood creative agency. (Psst, that’s us.)

2. Expand your skill sets.

If you’re a small team or one-person show, it’s not possible to be everything at once—and that’s okay. You can’t plan, strategize, design, develop, write, record, produce, and measure creative content all on your own. Even if you could, are there enough hours in the day? A week? A year? Assuming you’re not some sort of wizard, (are you? Come on, you can tell us), you’ll benefit from a creative marketing agency that’s already staffed with experts in their respective fields.

Video production teams. Web developers. Graphic designers. Copywriters. Find the group you love to work with and get to work on projects you love. It could be anyone, but we’re not ashamed to say that we hope it’s us.

3. Be the boss.

Whether it’s in-house or a la carte, it’s nice to have the right people or services at your disposal. Even better than that is knowing that a team of experienced professionals are ready to kick your plan into high gear. With that comes confidence and peace of mind. While you concentrate on assuring internal stakeholders that your plan is perfect, we’ll go to work on making it so. Depending on how much help you’re looking for, you can be as hands on (or off) as you like. From simple print pieces to full-blown creative campaigns, we’ll prepare you with everything you want to generate the results you need.

As a creative agency, we have a big appetite for pairing exciting ideas with thoughtful recommendations. At the same time, we know where our bread is buttered, and that’s in making your job as easy—and successful—as possible. You’re the boss, baby (but not The Boss Baby). Just say the word and it’s yours.

Sound good? Tell us what you’re thinking, or, better yet, hire us for a job. We’re here to help and we’re happy to do it. Until then, we’ll see you around.

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