The lights drop. The crowd goes silent.

Then, a spotlight. A man with a microphone in the center of the ring. You hear him begin.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! TQS proudly presents to you… the bout the whole world has been waiting for… the ultimate showdown between two undisputed champions of worldwide marketing… Landing Page versus Webpage!”

The crowd goes wild. Lights. Music. Action. Ladies. Dudes. Lasers? Oh yeah, tons of lasers. It’s pandemonium. The Big Fight is about to begin! Big Sal, the bookie, plops down in the empty seat beside you. The smell of stale cigar smoke and old leather lingers.

“It’s time for you to pony up and pick a winner, my friend. So, who ya got?”

You blink. What exactly is happening here?

“Come on, fella, is Landing Page a lock for your marketing needs? Or will Webpage deliver the win to your business?!”

You look into your lap for answers. Your eyes fall upon a fight card. It’s got some basic background info on each fighter. You read it:

Big Sal sees you scanning the fight card. You see Big Sal seeing you scan the fight card. You swallow hard and blink.

“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you what. I can make it even easier for you. See, I know a few things about these here fighters that not many other people know about, you know what I mean?”

You do not know what he means.

“Here, look at this,” he says.

Big Sal glances to his left. He looks to his right. Then he swiftly hands you something on the sly. It’s a cocktail napkin dotted heavily in blue ink. It looks like some sort of list. You bring it closer to your face as music booms. The fighters are making their way to the ring. 

“Strengths?” you manage to say.

“Yup,” Big Sal smirks. “Landing Page and Webpage got their similarities, but what makes ‘em different is what makes ‘em great. Look.”

You look at Big Sal’s cocktail napkin. 

The fighters have entered the squared circle.

“You better hurry,” he says. “This opportunity ain’t gonna last forever!”

You look up from the new materials in front of you. You’re thinking about what your business goals are. You know what Landing Page is capable of. You’ve seen what Webpage can do. You’ve picked your winner. All you need to do now is let ‘em go to work.

* * *

Not totally sure what just happened? Neither are we. But we do know that we can help you build landing pages and webpages. And if you still need help figuring out which one is right for you, give us a call and we won’t be so weird about it. Thanks for reading!

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