Who are we, what are we doing, and how do we do it?

No, we’re not peering into the existential void—at least not at the moment. We’re really just celebrating a partnership with one of our newest clients: Beltone of WNY. And we’re hoping to give you a glimpse of the TQS experience, too.

Here’s some of the stuff we’re doing for Beltone. If you like this stuff, maybe we can do some stuff for you, too. Stuff is good, right? I mean, hey, we love stuff. Anyway, here it is!

The Client

Beltone is a global hearing aid company that’s been “helping the world hear better” for over 78 years. That one part is in quotation marks because it’s a direct quote from Beltone HQ. We wish we could take credit for it, but we can’t, because we didn’t write it. However, we are working with Beltone of WNY, which has four locations here in Western New York (Batavia, Blasdell, Tonawanda, Williamsville).

Each Beltone of WNY hearing care center helps patients and caregivers understand hearing loss, explore hearing aid solutions, and find the best fit for themselves and their family members.

The Situation

Beltone of WNY is working with TQS to reinforce its connection with its customers (hearing care patients and caregivers). Together, we’re implementing a marketing plan that aims to:

  1. Enhance brand awareness with both audiences
  2. Support the customer journey from start to finish
  3. Increase new acquisitions at all locations
  4. Boost the number of hearing tests per location
  5. Generate and nurture leads; boost sales; retain customers

The Creative

The creative needs to speak to hearing aid patients and caregivers. Specifically, it needs to acknowledge their problem, propose a solution, and present Beltone as the solution provider. To do so, we developed several different creative concepts for TV, radio, and social media.

Radio: “If they can’t hear you, they can’t help you.”

Your mom or dad is experiencing hearing loss, but it’s up to you to help them navigate that journey. As their caregiver, you’re concerned about their health and happiness. But as a busy parent, you also depend on their wherewithal to help you out from time to time. What does this circumstance look like? What does it sound like—or, more to the point— not sound like? What should you do? Where should you go? We believe this 30-second radio commercial answers the call.


TV: “Life doesn’t come with closed captions.”

Your granddaughter’s wedding day. Baby’s first words. A very special family gathering. These are the moments that make up a live worth living—but what if you’re missing out because of your hearing loss? After all, the longer you wait to get your hearing checked, the worse your hearing could become. We developed a series of 30-second TV commercials that arrests the viewer, draws them in, and tugs on their heart strings. Our call to action? Schedule your free hearing test today. Was it effective? You decide.


Social Media 1: General Branding
For this general branding concept, we needed to showcase the three key figures involved in the hearing care journey:

  1. The hearing aid patient
  2. The hearing caregiver
  3. The hearing care provider

As you scroll through the carousel, each type of Beltone of WNY customer is depicted. Here’s a screenshot.


In this static Facebook ad, we see another general branding concept that reinforces the importance of hearing health. It also speaks to Beltone’s ability to work alongside patients to provide the most thoughtful care.


Social Media 2: “The happiness of hearing”We wanted to tell the same story from the TV commercial in a Facebook ad—but how? We simplified the concept in a frame-by-frame carousel ad that told the same story. As you scroll through each slide, the message “Life doesn’t come with closed captions” is revealed. Here’s a screenshot:


Landing Page: “Are you experiencing hearing loss?”
All we need now is a place to stick the landing. You know, a digital hub where people could to do the thing—to perform the action. In this case, “the thing” is to sign up for a free hearing evaluation. The messaging here needs to reflect Beltone’s three key communications as succinctly as possible. In short, it needs to say:

  1. “We’re your partners in hearing care.”
  2. “We’re an expert team of experienced professionals.”
  3. “Your hearing exam will be quick, free, and painless.”

Click here to check out the landing page!
Does Beltone sound like the expert, thoughtful, and comforting presence that it is? We think so. With a clean and simple landing page to learn more about the Beltone experience, we expect to see hearing tests uptick across all Beltone of WNY locations.


So, what do you think? We’ve still got more in the works for Beltone of WNY, but if you like what you see and hear, hit us up for something similar. And don’t forget to schedule that hearing evaluation at Beltone of WNY today!

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