Yeah, yeah, “Valentine’s Day is just a commercial holiday.” We’ve heard it over and over again. But here at TQS, we’ve decided we’re not accepting that excuse anymore. After all, who makes excuses to avoid spreading love and showing appreciation for the special someone in their life? Monsters. That’s who. Or people who just forgot it was Valentine’s Day and haven’t picked up a gift yet. Ah, yes – we’re onto you.

So if you fall into the latter camp, allow us to help you not look like a total monster. Rather than discounting the holiday as a whole, we’ve created a list of last minute gift ideas that anyone can make happen before the day is through. Who said romance is dead?


For a man, a watch is a great gift. As a bit of a collector myself, I feel like my wife couldn’t go wrong getting me a watch for the Love Holiday. Unless, of course, it was a shitty watch. Then it would go wrong.

For a woman, I feel like bacon would be a great gift. It shows your appreciation for her affection, in the form of delicious salt-cured pork belly strips. Or if she’s really special, you get the back cuts. Less fat. And if she doesn’t love bacon, you can consume all of it yourself. Win-win-win.

So in conclusion, watches and bacon make terrific gifts for that special someone in your life.


What’s Valentine’s without chocolate? And if it’s chocolate, it should be sponge candy. Why? Because everyone likes sponge candy. If they don’t, you should consider another option (in a mate, not the gift). Bonus: purchase in both the milk chocolate and dark chocolate format for the full experience. And, if you’re lucky, they’ll share. Extra points when accompanied by flowers.


A singing telegram. One potential issue I see with this, though, is that it puts your Valentine into a pretty awkward social situation, as no one actually likes being directly sung to by a stranger. Are you supposed to make eye contact? What do you do with your hands? Do you smile, or do you intently listen with a serious look on your face? Another potential issue I see with this is that you’re letting a costumed stranger into your home, which I don’t typically recommend. You know what? I’ve changed my mind about all of this. Maybe it’s better that you don’t go that route and just enjoy a long, extended meal of appetizers and braised short ribs with a couple of cocktails. And plan ahead next year.



Wait! Don’t get him/her nothing… Your significant other should be the most important person in your life, top of your mind every day – at least she is for me, anyway. I see “great last minute gift” as an oxymoron, because when we break it down, shouldn’t all truly great gifts be from the heart, be thought out months in advance, with nuance and great preparation and care? I think so 😏. In all seriousness, my best advice is to start your work now for the next gift. Mother’s/Father’s Day is a few months away, and their birthday is (according to the laws of time and space) less than a year from now. I personally keep a year-long note that gets updated regularly with gift ideas/concepts for my wife, updated whenever she mentions offhand liking a product or even a category of gift. 9 times out of 10 they will not remember ever bringing it up and you will look like Sylvia Browne incarnate with a $20 farmhouse wood serving tray from HomeGoods.


I heard the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I would say that that has definitely worked for me. So, I will share a dinner, dessert and beverage gift idea.

Send him a heart-shaped pizza! Some of the pizza places will even write messages for you on the inside or outside of the box. There are 32 places in the area to get a heart-shaped pizza on Valentine’s Day (I did my research). I think it’s the perfect gift because what says “I love you” like some za?

Have you ever had a Danish Kringle? Do yourself a favor and go get one at Trader Joes for dessert. It is the most delicious pastry. The flavors are seasonal. “Hygge” (pronounced “hoo-gaa”) means creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life. “Celebrate like a Dane, with a little bit of the good life”. Check out their site – You can create your own Kringle and send it to your loved one with a personalized message. They even have a Kringle of the Month Club!

Will you BEER my Valentine? Complete your gift with a Consumers Beverages Growler Club membership and gift card. Purchase a growler fill and ask to join the club. The Growler Club rewards you for buying beer! Check out “What’s on Tap” at any of their locations on their site.


A full marching band because it’s the little things that matter!

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