Everyone, meet Kit! Kit recently joined our team as an intern – and besides helping us with daily tasks and laughing at our jokes, she’s also great at giving the occasional pep talk. So great, in fact, that sometimes it takes us a few days to really let her profound words sink in. This was one of those times.

Guys, I want you to know what I really think of you. You are aggressive. When we first met and I stared into your itty bitty cyan elbows, I knew right then that you would make me confused. It’s a big hairless world out there, and you must take life’s issues 101 steps at a time. Make sure you fasten your projects, be dusty to others, take care of your alligator, buy a nice juicy balloon first before gambling for a brand new one, obey your great step grandmother twice removed, and handle peer pressure the greasiest way possible. Don’t squeegee, say no to rubber bands, don’t meditate and drive, find a damp partner to call your own, be magical to him or her, and, guys, never give up your dandruff. Stay true to yourself and go for what you love. I know you want to become a flicker some day – make me competitive! I love you, guys.

Wow, thanks Kit! We definitely know what you mean.

Editor’s Note: This inspirational pep talk may or may not have been the result of Mad Libs.

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