St. Bonaventure University Outcomes Webpage

Choosing a college is a big deal. While it’s probably not as big a deal as you believed when you were a junior in high school, the college you attend can have implications on your entire adult life: the friends you make, the place you live, the skills you acquire, the career path you travel, the team you root for during March Madness.

So when prospective students are college hunting, it’s important that they get a sense of what truly sets any one school apart from the hundreds of others they could choose to apply to and attend.

St. Bonaventure wanted to vamp up their student outcomes page. You know, the page that talks about graduation rates, retention, rankings, costs, test scores, etc.

Not all of these statistics matter to every incoming freshman. Some of them will care a lot about sports teams. Some will be focused on the SAT score needed for admission. Some are mainly interested in graduation and job placement statistics. Choosing a college isn’t about the same thing for every teenager. So it’s important that the pieces of a college website that aim to highlight/brag about the things that make the college great remember who their audience is.

When we tackled the St. Bonaventure outcomes page, we wanted to make sure it was modern, engaging and interactive – three pillars of marketing to teens.

Having a high sophomore retention rate doesn’t just mean that students continue their education at St. Bonaventure. It means that students made great friends. That they find the courses challenging and the professors engaging. They joined student activity clubs and cheer on the basketball team.

Having a lot of notable alumni in various positions and industries around the globe doesn’t just mean that SBU has something to brag about. It means they produce graduates who are ready to take the world by storm. Graduates who are prepared to work hard and work smart, who are ambitious and motivated. It means graduates will have an impressive alumni network at their fingertips to help them launch their careers, in various positions and industries around the globe.

So we could have listed the statistics on a webpage somewhere in bulleted form. But instead we used HTML5 scripting to create a landing page full of motions and movement, with multiple layers interacting with each other and compelling images that remind students of what that high retention rate means for their lives on campus.

Outcomes are important for any college to report, and they’re important for potential students to consider. This outcomes page speaks for itself, which is incredibly important for a high school junior in the early stages of college research, browsing .edu after .edu looking for the one that stands out as a place he’d like to discover what he’s made of.

Visit the outcomes webpage to see for yourself at

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