Escaping with Perry’s

Ice cream is so great. It’s cold. It’s delicious. Over here at TQS, we’re screaming about ice cream pretty much constantly. So when Perry’s introduced a brand new line of delicious ice cream and asked us to create an ad for it, we screamed even louder. And then we remembered we have neighbors, so we turned off all the lights and pretended we weren’t home.

Perry’s Escapes. 20 brand new flavors of pints and quarts. Peanut Butter S’mores. German Chocolate Cake. Grasshopper pie. This doesn’t need to be complicated. How do you escape? Let the taste of Caribbean Coconut take you back to your honeymoon on a tropical beach. Maybe French Toast reminds you of the tiny bistro you discovered in Paris. Or maybe Movie Time is more your speed, escaping to a movie theater without the kids for a night to yourself. Everyone has an escape. Smart people have an escape that includes ice cream.

Perry’s Escapes is a simple concept that doesn’t need a lot of convincing. Imagery is king for this project. We needed to tap into the imaginations of excited ice cream eaters. Hey, imagery and imagination have the same root word! So the images are vivid and colorful and really appealing. And the copy is precise and pointed. And the ice cream is delicious. And there are coupons, in case “eating ice cream” isn’t enough of an incentive to buy.

However you escape, escape with Perry’s.

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