Are you familiar with Waterford Advisors?

They’re a team of goal-focused, plan-driven financial advisors in Orchard Park, New York. As stewards of growth and protectors of wealth, they’re experts in:

They’re also our neighbors! More or less, anyway.

Well, one day they knocked on our door and said, “Hey, we publish this newsletter once every quarter. And we know that you love newsletters. So maybe you wanna help us put our newsletter together?”

And we were like, “Awww, yeah. Let’s do it.”

So we did! We helped ’em give their print publication a bit of a facelift. Here’s how we did it.

Phase One: Take a look.

We worked with our friends at Waterford Advisors to see what sort of content they wanted to share. As it happens, there was kind of a lot. And that’s great! When it comes to your financial well-being, you can never be too thorough.

During the first phase of our collaboration, we took it slow. We touched up some copy here and there, but mostly we were getting a feel for the brand. We were still feeling things out, you know?

So the first iteration looked like this—but we all knew there was plenty of room to grow from here.

CLICK HERE to see this newsletter on the Waterford Advisors website.


Phase Two: Have a go.

How did we do? Not too bad! We were off to a pretty good start.

But now it was time to branch out—to see how far we could stretch our creative limbs, so to speak.

We worked closely to see who the company’s key readership is, what they want to read about, and how we could package it all with the most personal touch. In short, we were helping the team make small but impactful changes.

The second iteration was a little cooler, cleaner, and crisper—without sacrificing the overall brand aesthetic or purpose.

CLICK HERE to see this newsletter on the Waterford Advisors website.


Phase Three: Make it great.

Oh, baby. The clients were pleased with our performance. We were getting better, and we were doing it together. With permission to up the ante, we eased our way into a few more changes.

Fresh takes on readability, visibility, and personability were top of mind. That meant making a whole-new look (or creating all-new spaces) for staff stories, team updates, local favorites, and interactive games.

CLICK HERE to see this newsletter on the Waterford Advisors website.

Ultimately, our client has been happy with the evolution of their print publication—and that makes us happy too. 

Is your print collateral in need of a refresh?

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Thanks for reading. ✌️

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