When it comes to buns, we all have our preferences. Some like ‘em big and voluptuous. Some like ‘em small but firm. Some like ‘em round. Some like ‘em slightly irregular in shape. But there is one universal, self-evident truth: Everyone likes ‘em filled with cinnamon and covered in icing.

That’s how the fine folks at TQS ended up standing around the office kitchen and rating each other’s buns one recent Thursday afternoon*.

Two cinnamon buns met in the ring for this brutal, high stakes, no-holds-barred match.

In one corner was cinnamon bun A. In the opposite corner was cinnamon bun B.

Which bun would come out on top and reign supreme? There was only one way to find out: An elaborate, multi-factor ranking system (ranked out of 10, 1 being “very dissatisfied” and 10 being “very satisfied.”) TQS commentators did not hold back on their cutting remarks.

* Please note that the cinnamon buns discussed herein were not made by TQS’ers. They were acquired at a price from local food purveyors–whom will remain nameless for this exercise in order to avoid potential ill will or hurt feelings. Whoa, wait—you thought we were rating each other’s butts? Ha. Ha. Hilarious. Also of note, Hamburg, NY is known for things. One being the hometown of the TQS world headquarters. Or, perhaps more notably, it’s the annual host of the Erie County Fair (the 3rd largest county fair in the United States), and as the disputed birthplace of everyone’s favorite cooked meat sandwich, the hamburger. However, we’re pretty sure it’s NOT known for cinnamon buns. We assure you that we did not let that discourage us, though. If you have a recommendation as to the place you find your preferred cinnamon bun, let us know. We’ll be the judge.

Bun:Cinnamon Ratio

Bun A: 6
“Pleasant ratio; noticeable cinnamon but not overpowering.”
“Better than expected.” It’s impossible to say what this commenter was, in fact, expecting.

Bun B: 6.75
“I require more cinnamon. Much more.”
“Not too cinnamon-y…but not bad.”

Bun:Icing Ratio

Bun A: 6.75
“Just about average.”

Bun B: 8.25
“In theory, I thought I loved lemon and a lot of icing. However, this application proved to be too much lemon and too much icing.”
“Looked way over the top, but was surprisingly balanced.”

Mouth Feel

Bun A: 7.75
“Also better than expected.”

Bun B: 8.25
“My mouth felt good.”
“*Slightly* drier than the other one, but acceptable.”

Pleasant Moistness

Yes, we know you hate the word “moist.” Ask us if we care.

Bun A: 8.5
It turns out that we also hate the word “moist”. As an act of collective protest, no comments were made under this category.

Bun B: 8.25
[Protest intensifies]

Eye Feel

Bun A: 6.75
“Something was lacking on the outside, but the cross section was rather delightful.”

Bun B: 9
“Beautiful bun.”


Bun A: 6
We concur with one commentator who simply stated, “Clam shells are dumb.” They are, and they always will be.

Bun B: 9.25
“The branded cardboard box is a nice touch.” You would think this person works at a creative agency or something.


Bun A: 4.625
“If I could give it a 4.5, I would.”

Bun B: 8.25
“Innovation ≠ human advancement.”


Bun A: 7.25
“Fluffy without crossing the line into eating air (which is boring).”
“Seemed a bit on the light side.”

Bun B: 8.5
If we were playing State Objective Facts About Cinnamon Buns, one commentator’s note that “this is at least twice the weight of the other” would have been helpful. It’s too bad that’s not what we were playing.

Overall Flavor

Bun A: 7
“Pretty good, not bad…but not the best I’ve had.”

Bun B: 7.25
“The hint of lemon in the frosting is an interesting touch…balances the cinnamon nicely.”

Would Recommend to a Friend

Bun A: 6.5
“Just your standard cinnamon bun.”
“Good, not great overall.”

Bun B: 7.75
“Love the hint of lemon!”
“Depends 100% on if you like lemon. Undecided on lemon – if it adds or detracts. Would like to try the same without lemon.”

Overall Score

Bun A – 67.12/100
Bun B – 81.75/100

There you have it, folks. We liked Bun B and we cannot lie.

Let us know where you find your favorite… Comment on our facebook page.



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