It’s been nearly a year to the day since last we posted in this forum. 367 days. Five hundred twenty-eight thousand four hundred eighty minutes. You’re now singing the song from ‘Rent,’ except it’s the wrong number. You’re welcome.

Anyway, we will not remain silent any longer. Our voices will be heard. Our thoughts unleashed. The curtain pulled back from our madness. Like The Wizard of Oz – except no wizards, no Oz, and only one flying monkey – more on that later.

We decided to reignite (sweet action verb, right?) the blog because so many of you (three, to be exact) have been asking, “What the hell happened to your blog?” Well, the truth is, we’ve had a lot going on, and it got bumped down the priority list. Like, way down. But fear a lot, it’s back.

“So?” you ask. “What have you been up to?”

Many of you remember Jerry Lee – an original TQS-er and all-around good guy. Well, he’s gone. Not dead, just gone from TQS. He moved on back in February (more than amicably), and we wish him well in all that he pursues – which, if we know Jerry, will be unorthodox in some fashion.

So, we lost a Jerry but added an Emily. And a Tyler. And most recently, a Dawn. Olek (nee Baczynski), McElhaney and Rayl, respectively. Emily, as many of you know, manages all of our accounts. Tyler joined our creative team as a lead designer, while Dawn, our most recent addition, is in charge of business development. They’re all great in their own ways, and like my kids, they’re all my favorites.

Oh, and Chris is still here, too. Some of you have met him. Also a TQS-original, he’s our creative director, and the genius behind most of our video production. And he’s a White (his last name, of course).

Aside from the exciting new additions, we’ve been busy. Like, doing real work as an actual marketing agency – videos, websites, print collateral, marketing campaigns – you name it, we’ve done it. Except for the things that you name that we haven’t done. Either way, we’ll have more on our recent work in the coming weeks. I know, you can hardly contain yourself. Yet oddly, you’re doing a really good job of containing yourself.

Long story, short, it’s an exciting time here at TQS – lots of new faces, great clients, plenty of new projects, and more than enough creativity to go around. So, if you like some half-way-decent reading material while on the can, check back in a couple times a month and let us know what you think.

Oh, and about that flying monkey – it was a lie. Roasted, toasted and burnt to a crisp!


Steve Lingle

Assistant to the Regional Manager

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