Leap Day, that rare and quirky February 29th—when just 0.06% of us get to celebrate their actual birthday—presents a welcome bonus in the form of an extra 24 hours. While some might see it as just another Thursday,  it’s an opportunity to break routine and try something new! Here are five unique ways to use your extra day – with a marketing spin since, well, we’re a marketing agency. 

(p.s. feel free to try these out any day this year since we’re kinda late to the party with this post)

  1. Skill Up for Social Media Success: Take a deep dive into a specific social media platform you haven’t explored yet. Whether it’s mastering the art of Instagram Reels or understanding the intricacies of LinkedIn engagement strategies, dedicating a day to learning can significantly improve your social media marketing skills. You can find online courses, tutorials, or even webinars specifically designed for the platform you’re interested in.
  2. Host a “Leap Day Brainstorming Blitz”: Gather your team (virtually or in-person) for a fast-paced brainstorming session focused on fresh marketing ideas. Set a timer for 5-minute intervals and rotate through various business challenges, encouraging everyone to contribute with suggestions to overcome those challenges. This burst of creativity can spark innovative solutions and re-energize your team and your marketing strategy.
  3. Give Back with a “29 Acts of Kindness” Challenge: Leap Day is a perfect occasion to spread positivity and make a difference. Encourage your team or even your customers to participate in a “29 Acts of Kindness” challenge. This could involve small gestures like donating to a local cause, volunteering for an hour, or simply leaving a compliment for a stranger. Sharing these acts on social media using a dedicated hashtag can inspire others and further amplify the positive impact.
  4. Explore a New Storytelling Medium: Storytelling is a cornerstone of effective marketing, but are you utilizing all the mediums available? Leap Day can be your experiment day! Try your hand at creating a short video story for Instagram, design an engaging infographic, or even write a captivating blog post in a new voice. Exploring new storytelling formats can not only broaden your reach but also help you find the perfect medium to connect with your target audience.
  5. Celebrate Your Brand Story: Take a day to reflect on your brand’s unique story – its journey, values, and impact on your audience. Use this time to create engaging content celebrating your brand history. This could involve sharing old photographs, conducting interviews with key figures in the company’s journey, or even hosting a “behind the scenes” social media live stream.

Remember, Leap Day is an opportunity to leap outside your comfort zone, explore new possibilities, and refresh your approach. Choose an activity that resonates most with you and your brand, and make the most of this extra day! Happy Leap Day, and Happy Birthday to the 0.06%!

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