The school season is in full swing, and we’re inviting you to explore our commitment to marketing in education.

Committed to helping schools, colleges, and universities boost their brand and empower their school communities, we love putting our heads together to drum up all sorts of marketing assets.

If you’re a school leader who could use a helping hand with your marketing, let us know. But first, check out some of this work we put together for our clients in education.


Medaille College: Find out why at Medaille!

Courses. Campus life. Kickstarting your career. If you’re wondering what life is like at Medaille College (now Medaille University), this is the time to find out. We wrote and produced this video to appear on a custom-made landing page (that we wrote and designed) and the college’s YouTube page. Shorter, 15-second versions of the video also appeared to targeted audiences in YouTube ads.

Mount St. Mary Academy: Open House Video Refresh

During the height of COVID-19, Mount St. Mary Academy put together an exceedingly lovely, 20-minute video tour of its school. The sentiments were perfect. The footage was gorgeous. Two years later, school leaders wanted to capture the same spirit of their school in a smaller, more “snackable” video. So we took the existing video assets and repositioned them as a 50-second promo for the school’s upcoming Open House (which we’re pleased to report is back to normal, in real life, on campus, this fall).


Mount St. Mary Academy: Write Your Own Story at MSM!

Back at The Mount, we learned that prospective students would benefit from an opportunity to see themselves at the all-girls private high school. We were tasked with developing a bright, inspirational, and—most important of all, a “hang-uppable”—poster that would appeal to the students’ interests, aspirations, and sensibilities (which also match up perfectly with the school’s philosophy.

Quilted Squirrel in education: Mount St. Mary Academy: IMAGE: Two flyers depict images of student life at an all-girls private high school. Key phrases include "Believe in yourself" and "Write your own story at MSM!"

Saints Peter & Paul School

A little Christmas cash can go along way—and $20,000 worth prices is a heck of a way to raise money for students. At Saints Peter & Paul School in Hamburg, New York, school leaders were looking for the most professional touch to promote their event. So we wrapped up some copy and dashed up a design for a flyer to do exactly that. We also converted the print piece to a custom-made landing page. (And since we’re talking about it, have you seen this microsite we put together for the school’s virtual tour?)

Quilted Squirrel in education: A Christmas-themed flyer displays various prices and potential prizes of raffle items, featuring images that include holly. Christmas trees, a red car carrying a Christmas tree, and a penguin wearing a Santa hat.


Catholic High Schools of Western New York

Our friends at this consortium of Catholic schools were enthusiastic about reclaiming the traditional classroom experience in 2021. We designed and developed digital ads that would hit target audiences online. With an emphasis on an opportunity to “rediscover an active community of students,” these ads encouraged students and families to apply for a new school year.

Let’s get to work.

You don’t have to work in education to chalk up some brandingwebsitesvideos, or a creative campaigns with us. But you could be. And we would! Either way, you’re invited to contact us or get a project quote now.

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