Welcome to the not-so-secret world of pet owners.

We’ve been yappin’ a bit about Barkology, Buffalo’s first and only indoor dog park and bar—mostly because we just revamped its website with some fresh photos and what-not.

Then someone on Slack was like, “Yo, cats or dogs?”

So we rambled on about that for a minute. “Who among us is Team Dogs?” we asked. “Team Cats?”

We needed to know.

And then someone found out that there are all these cat and dog “holidays” in August. For example:

August 10 is Spoil Your Dog Day.
August 17  is National Black Cat Appreciation Day (why?).
August 20 is Saint Bernard Day.
August 22 is National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day.
August 26 is National Dog Day.

There are so many more, and each one is dumber than the last. Which is why, naturally, we got sucked into ’em.

We ranted and raved and debated about cats versus dogs.

We shared stories.
We proposed wild theories.
We made embarrassing admissions.

And now we’re passing those incoherent ramblings onto you, the consumer.

Because hey—why not get to know us, you know?

Here’s what we’re thinking.

James A. Colombo III, Copywriter & Content Strategist

I come from a dog family, which is to say my family owned dogs. Not that, uh, we were a family of actual dogs.

Not cats, though. Never cats.

I mean, cats are fine. I’ll pet a cat… if the cat wants to be pet, that is. Cats do what they want, and I guess ya gotta respect that. But that also means they’re not to be trusted—on account of they do what they want—whether you like it or not.

For a strange stretch of time in my early 30s or so I would have these nightmares about cats. Catmares, I called ’em. And in ’em I was always being attacked by a cat, or a group of cats. The catmares became so frequent that when I saw a cat in real life, I would be kind of scared. I’d become a, wait for it, scaredy cat.

Which is weird because I love animals and animals (usually) love me. Unless I am eating them, of course, which is almost always. Not that I ever ate a dang cat before… as far as I know.

Anyway, if anyone knows a good therapist, neurologist, or witch doctor, please email me.

Lisa Hinterberger, Graphic Designer

Cats or dogs? Team Dogs all the way!

Growing up, my family had a Golden named Hailey who was the sweetest dog ever. She absolutely loved people and couldn’t care less about her fellow dogs.

Now my husband, Josh, and I have a 6-year old Goldendoodle named Zoey. Even though my mom now refers to her as “second fiddle”—because Josh and I have a 4-month old daughter—Zoey is still very much loved.

I am really looking forward to when Zoey and our daughter Eleanor interact more! I know it will be so fun to watch and I’m sure Zoey won’t mind some extra food scraps.

Chris White, Creative Director

Growing up, we had a couple of dogs (at different times), and I also had a Guinea pig, and some fish (also at different times).

However, no cats.

I’m currently a dog owner as well… though reluctantly… I was overruled by my wife and children. I’m good with it now, though.

Overall, I don’t mind cats as a thing that exists, and I generally get along with them, if necessary. But I don’t really see the appeal as a pet, other than they’re fairly low maintenance. Cats always seem like they’re up to something nefarious. Almost like they just hang around waiting for their owner to die, so they can eat them—with no care or remorse that the owner is gone.

Whereas with dogs, they seem like they’d generally be pretty disturbed and even actually sad if something happened to their owner.

Also, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a story about a cat saving a person. Only people saving cats. Dogs? Well, seems like a far more common occurrence (maybe it goes back to that last point). The lore of “man’s best friend” is definitely strong. Beyond their life-saving abilities, allergies are certainly another negative consideration with cats, as well.

So, Team Dogs it is.

Alyssa Boczar, Senior Account Manager

I’m a no pets kind of gal. But if I had to choose between a cat and a dog, I think I’d choose a cat. Low maintenance, self-cleaning, and no ‘wet dog’ smell to worry about.

Also, kittens are adorable. But either way, I’m not rushing out to adopt a cat or a dog anytime soon.

Cats or dogs: "Hard truths from adorable kittens" with four kittens

Steve Lingle, CEO

Cats or dogs? I like cats and dogs.

Growing up, we had dogs. Big ones. Bernese Mountain dogs, mostly. Giant, lovable, teddy-bear-like dogs with non-opposable thumbs.

Our family dog now, (Bob) Vance is a herding dog, of sorts. A mutt we got from a rescue shelter. Great with the kids, and mostly pretty chill. I’ve found dogs to be as-advertised: furry, unconditionally loving, and of course, loyal.

We’ve had cats over the years, too. One lived for more than 20 years. And after being cat-free for a year or so, we recently acquired a new cat, which I think is how most people come to be cat owners. They simply acquire them. No one really sets out to get a cat. This one, Mose, we call him, wandered up our driveway last summer and has been ours ever since. Acquisition complete.

Tyler McElhaney, Graphic Designer

I have a cat right now, not necessarily by choice. But she’s a super chill cat.

I absolutely love dogs, and will have one at some point. But I do not love taking dogs out in the cold multiple times per day.

So I need to prepare for that, or wait until my sons are old enough to do it.

Franklin Heinzmann, Account Coordinator

I never had any pets growing up.

As I got older, the more I wanted to get a dog, but my parents didn’t want to take care of it.

In retrospect, the Heinzmanns were the only family on my mom’s side to not have any pets growing up, and we’re still petless to this day.

It is almost certain I’m getting a dog in due time.


Well alright.

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Thanks for reading.

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