How many times a day do you scroll through Facebook and past countless ads that you either ignore or wonder why you’re seeing? As we’ve grown more accustomed to seeing ads in every corner of every website we visit, we’ve gotten better at filtering out the ones that don’t immediately grab our attention or pique our curiosity with something new.

That’s why, when developing a new Facebook ad campaign for CCSE Federal Credit Union to promote several of their loan products, we chose to have a little fun with the theme. We knew that simply laying out facts, figures, ins and outs for each of the loans (auto, personal, recreation vehicles, HELOC and student loans) ran the risk of being too dry, especially when competing for short attention spans on a platform crowded with a variety of content.

After a quick brainstorming session, we landed on a retro theme that inspires potential borrowers to update their aging homes or vehicles with the help of a loan from CCSE. We used bright, bold colors and images of familiar vintage items to play up the nostalgic retro vibe. Sprinkle in some light snark in the copy, and the result is a playful campaign that brings a pop of color and energy to a relatively dry topic.

It wants your station wagon back. If the last phone call you made about financing a new car was on a rotary phone, it might be time to upgrade. Call us today to learn about our low interest car loans, starting with rates as low as 2.99%.


Said no one since 1955. If you’re still rocking the linoleum look, it might be time to upgrade. Call us today to learn about our HELOC loans, starting with rates as low as 1% + prime.


With their fancy computers and newfangled word-processing. If you remember typing your college thesis on one of these, it might be time to refinance your student loans. We offer rates as low as 4.75%—call us today to learn more.


Rust is one of them. If your camper has lost its retro appeal, it could probably use an upgrade. Call us today to learn about our low recreational vehicle loans, starting with rates as low as 3.55%.

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