TLC Health Network needed a new website. Stat!

Bad puns aside, TLC Health recently invested a lot of time and money into revamping many of its facilities and departments. And the website, while functional, didn’t match the new and improved reputation TLC built for itself.

TLC Health features five different health care facilities with some overlapping and some unique services. With locations all over Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and Southern Erie Counties, TLC Health offers quality health care in areas that don’t have the luxury of big-city options and hospitals. And their facilities reflect that. They offer the personalized care, attention and perks of small-town life while maintaining the high standards of care and expertise of larger facilities. They have a variety of in-patient, out-patient and rehab facilities, and departments that range from primary care to mental health to surgery and everything in between.

So with all that going on, they needed a website that gave patients the information they needed without making things too difficult to find.

We started with some general brand upgrading. An improved logo. Well-designed collateral. A consistent look and style.

We streamlined navigation. We made sure their different locations were always easy to find and featured on the homepage in a way that made sense.

We refreshed and upgraded the visual appeal of the website. With consistent, bold colors and design, the TLC website stands out in a sea of over-complicated, under-designed health care websites. And of course, every page is mobile-friendly.

We cut out the clutter and made sure the information patients really want is not just easy to find but featured prominently. The patient portal and bill pay sections are easy to access from anywhere. Contact information and phone numbers not just for each location but for each department are listed. Because at the end of the day, patients want health care that’s convenient and affordable, provided by competent medical professionals they can trust.

So that’s what the website features. Easily accessibly, friendly, affordable health care from local facilities that you can trust. Because that’s really all people are looking for, anyway.

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