As some of you may know, here at The Quilted Squirrel we like to do things that are different, sometimes wacky, often self-deprecating, and things that usually make people laugh.

But for us, the most important thing is always to create marketing and advertising that reaches to the core of the company or organization and resonates with their audience.

One client that we love working with is Hunter’s Hope. Folks who grew up in the area know the story of Hunter’s Hope. Buffalo legend and former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly formed the organization with his wife Jill to support the fight against Krabbe disease and other leukodystrophies. They lost their son Hunter to Krabbe disease in 2005, and Hunter’s Hope was established in 1997 to address the acute need for information related to his disease.

When Hunter’s Hope came to us and asked us to produce a video they could use to promote Hunter’s Hope and encourage people to get involved in the fight to increase the prevalence of newborn screening for leukodystrophies, we were honored and humbled to work for such a worthy cause.

The video isn’t wacky. It won’t make you laugh. It cuts to the heart of the cause, which is that children are dying. Children are dying, but they don’t have to. There’s hope.

We’re so proud of this video. Our friends at Hunter’s Hope were kind enough to open their world to us for a little while. We were welcomed into the close-knit family of people world-wide who have been affected by Krabbe and leukodystrophies. People who are devoting their lives to propagating change so no family has to endure what they’ve endured.

The final result of this project is a video that is touching, heartbreaking and hopeful, and the Hunter’s Hope message comes through loud and clear.

Hunter’s Hope 9-minute from The Quilted Squirrel on Vimeo.

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