Quilted Squirrel Holiday photo hunt!

Happy Holidays from your friends at Quilted Squirrel
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Welcome to the Quilted Squirrel holiday photo hunt!

It’s been another great year of great work and even better relationships here at Quilted Squirrel, and we’re so happy we could share it with all of you. To celebrate each other and all that we’ve created this year, we put together this photo hunt holiday card just for you.

Can you find all the items hidden in the photo above? Each one represents who we are and what we’ve accomplished this year. Good luck!

Hover over the photo and use the magnifying glass to find the following:

  1. Alien – Over the summer, we asked our staffers, “Do you believe in aliens?” Find out who among us may or may not have had an intergalactic interaction in our blog, “TQS takes on space aliens.”
  2. Steve – Can you spot our CEO, Steve Lingle?
  3. Hot dog – Is a hot dog a sandwich? We answered the age-old question in our blog, “TQS takes on hot dogs.”
  4. Jerry – Where is he? Where is our marketing strategist, Jerry Lee?
  5. Golf club – In September, we were sad to say goodbye to our account manager, Emily. But we were delighted to document Emily’s last day on video. This golf club played an instrumental role in her devious departure.
  6. Franklin – In October, we welcomed a new account coordinator, Franklin Heinzmann. To make his presence felt, we put him on camera and asked him to answer as many questions as he could in 60 seconds. Watch Franklin sweat it out in this video!
  7. Batman – Did you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? That’s a reference from the movie “Batman,” which was the central theme of this work anniversary gift given to our copywriter, James, on his “work birthday” a.k.a. his one-year anniversary at Quilted Squirrel.
  8. Lisa – Who is Lisa Hinterberger? She’s one of our top-tier graphic designers, of course. But where is she? That’s for you to find out!
  9. Soup – Have you noticed that our staffers have a ton of takes? By the time soup season rolled around at the end of September, we asked each other, “If you had only one soup to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?” Get a taste of our hot takes!
  10. Graduation cap – Back in March, we helped leaders in higher education learn how to use their brand story to differentiate their graduate programs. In this blog, we focused on the various elements needed to do so.
  11. Tennis racket – Tennis, anyone? Get to know one of our expert graphic designers, Tyler, and see how he was able to develop a brand-new website for our client, WNY Tennis Clubs.
  12. Quilted Squirrel Snuggie – James and Jerry got Snuggie’ wit’ it in August. What does that mean? You’ll have to watch their *exclusive” interview here.
  13. James – Is our copywriter, James A. Colombo III, punctuating this photograph? You decide.
  14. Santa Claus – It’s Santa! We know him. But can you find him? He may or may not be a central figure in our favorite holiday movies of all time.
  15. Stack of books – At the end of March, we told you all about what we were reading, but, like, not in a pretentious way. Thanks for reading the blog!
  16. Alyssa – Can you find our newest senior account manager, Alyssa Boczar? You might need to meet her first, so watch her make her Quilted Squirrel debut on this totally fake radio show we made for some reason.
  17. Kaz Home Improvements Magazine – Do we make some web and digital stuff for Kaz Home Improvements. Yep! But we also make a magazine for them as a totally free value-add. In June, we showed you how to delight your customers with value-add marketing on your own.
  18. Zombie – Oh, no! It’s the Zombie Apocalypse. What do we do? Where do we go? Give chase to our sweet and savory brains in this blog.
  19. Chris – Our creative director, Christopher White, is a real character. Can you find him in this photo?
  20. Chiavetta’s Marinade – We’ve been hard at work putting together a tasty marketing campaign for Buffalo’s favorite flavor of BBQ: Chiavetta’s. We look forward to sharing more in 2022!
  21. Ghosts – We already covered aliens and zombies, so it was only (super)natural that we spooked you with some of our takes on ghosts, which you can read here!
  22. Tyler – Yooo, our dude Tyler McElhaney isn’t just a top-notch graphic designer, he’s a next-level web developer, too. Where is that guy?
  23. Buffalo Bills – In August, we made the sick and twisted mistake of predicting the Buffalo Bills record for the 2021-2022 season. Get a load of our cursed predictions in our blog, “TQS takes on the Buffalo Bills.”
  24. Brand Archetypes Binder – Back in April, we asked you, “What’s your brand’s personality?” To help you understand what your brand is—or what it could be—we helped you understand these 12 brand archetypes.
  25. Houseplant – The emergence of spring was the perfect time to show you a case study all about Lockwood’s Garden Center—but we didn’t just tell you what we created for our client. We showed you what you could include in your own marketing plan, too.
  26. Scene from “Minority Report” – What do you know about variable data? We tackled the good, the bad, and the crazy—including a pop-culture reference for your enjoyment—in this blog from August.


Chipmunk – It’s not that we forgot to include a chipmunk in this picture—it’s just that the crafty little critter escaped before we could snap the photo. Remember the time a chipmunk got in (and out) of the office? It happened on Franklin’s first day!

Beer! – Whoever put this whole thing together was either drinking too much (or not enough), because the ice-cold beer in question never made it into the photo. If it were in here, though, it would direct you toward the rebranding project we did for Barkology: Buffalo’s first and only indoor dog park and bar!

Thank you!

To all our clients and friends—thank you so much for joining us for another glorious year of creative work, office happenings, and quasi-random thoughts from our staffers. We are so grateful to be able to share success with you every single day.

We wish you the happiest of holiday seasons, and we can’t wait to do it all again—but even better—in 2022. Cheers!