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Just Push Play: A Few of Our Favorite Video Projects

Old video film reels stacked on shelves in a large room

We love video projects at TQS. They give us a chance to flex our creative muscles, and bring our clients’ stories to life in creative and compelling ways. And a decade+ of filming, editing, color grading, and rendering, has left us with a fairly comprehensive video production library. You’re welcome to peruse the full collection, […]

Building Your Brand Through Trust and Engagement

KAZ magazine cover masthead "HOME"

How Kaz Home Improvements’ Magazine Continues to Captivate In the competitive world of home improvement, simply offering quality services isn’t enough. Standing out from the crowd demands building trust and fostering genuine engagement with your customers. That’s why a few years back we pitched the idea for a bi-annual custom branded magazine, focused on thoughtful […]

2023 Year-End Website Deals

Website Deals

Been thinking about a new website? Well, think no more and act now! We don’t often offer deals or sales, but we want to close out 2023 with a bang—and give you a chance to close it out in style. So take advantage of this limited time offer and up your website game for 2024. […]

How to make a user-friendly homepage (featuring work for Chiavetta’s)

Chiavetta's: a finger-pointer icon "clicks on" an image of charbroiled Chiavetta's chicken.

Building a new homepage? Nice.  Some might say your homepage is the face of your website, so it’s got to look good.  Others might say, no, your homepage is the heart of your website, so it’s got to feel good.  Phrase it any way you want, your homepage is the most important part of your […]

5 content ideas to personalize your brand (and connect with your audience)

Quilted Squirrel: Personalize Your Content: IMAGE: A home improvements magazine with the title 'HOME: KAZ THE SUMMER HELLO'" lays on top of a wood-grained surface

Looking for opportunities to personalize your brand and connect with your audience? We’ve got a few content ideas for you to try. But first—some context. Last summer, we introduced you to the Kaz magazine, a value-add print piece we produce for Kaz Home Improvements. In that blog, we encouraged you to include six key pieces […]

Landing pages and posters—for the kids!

SS Peter & Paul meat raffle and golf tournament header

Have you ever met our owner, Steve? He’s a pretty good dude. I mean, we like ‘em.  And so do his friends and family over at Saints Peter & Paul School in Hamburg, New York.  That’s because Steve—owning a pretty cool marketing company and all—has the means to produce pretty cool marketing content (like branding, […]

Client Spotlight! FYS Fitness [video]

Lisa, a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. wears an orange sweater while smiling happily into the camera.

Lisa made a logo, and the logo looks good. Have you ever met Lisa Hinterberger? She’s one of our graphic designers.  Aside from Lisa being super talented (and super pregnant—congrats, Lisa!), she is an absolute joy to jam with on creative projects. One might even say that she “rules.” I certainly would. So when a […]

Case study: Making murals for Ciminelli

Are we a marketing agency? Yes. Are we more than a marketing agency? No doubt about it. When a client comes to us for a creative solution, we go ahead and give ‘em one. Or two. Or sometimes even six or so, which is pretty good as far as creative solutions go. So even though […]

Client Spotlight! WNY Tennis Clubs [VIDEO]

TQS web development: Tyler, a bearded man wearing glasses, a dark cap, and a Bill Cosby-style sweater, gives sideways glance into the camera in his home studio.

Who doesn’t love a good game of tennis? Apart from slow and slovenly buffoons such as myself, people seem to really like it. And for good reason. It’s classy. It’s competitive. It’s—from what I understand—an excellent cardiovascular activity. Our boss is actually a pretty big tennis guy, so when the South Towns and Village Glen […]

The Kaz Magazine: Delighting your customers with value-add marketing

“What a scoop!” This is something I say when I’m pretending to be a “real” writer, or like some sort of journalist (which I’m certainly not and probably never will be). But when I’m making pretend, as I’m wont to do, I’ll respond to a new or different writing assignment as a real-life marketer with […]

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