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Quilted Squirrel Newsletter - "TQS News" - Image of partially seen squirrel logo on a laptop. Smartphone depicts screenshot of newsletter features, such as news, photos, and buttons.

Subscribe Now! Because it’s the right thing to do. Don’t call it a newsletter! Actually, wait, yeah, it is a newsletter. You can totally call it that. But this newsletter is a little different. And by “different,” we mean “pretty much the same as everyone else’s.” Only better! Maybe. Sort of? At the very least, […]

Quilted Squirrel holiday photo hunt!

TQS Holiday Photo Hunt! Eight human employees stand in various silly positions among a holiday-themed backdrop that features a smattering of holiday decorations and other random objects

Happy holidays from Quilted Squirrel! Are you still in the office? Or maybe you’re catching up on emails from the rich-chocolatey warmth of your own sofa. Either way, now’s the perfect time to go photo hunting with Quilted Squirrel! What? Who? Where?! In this year’s extra-special holiday card, we’ve hidden 26 items for you to […]

TQS Public Radio welcomes new personality [VIDEO]

TQS Public Radio presents: Alyssa Boczar, a blond-haired woman wearing a dark red-colored cardigan, sits in front of a radio station-style microphone. White letters over an orange, brown, and olive background form "tqs" in the style of the NPR radio logo. "PUBLIC RADIO" is printed in gray beneath the logo.

Is TQS Public Radio a real thing? No, it is not. Is Alyssa Boczar a real person? Most definitely, yes. As our new senior account manager here at Quilted Squirrel, Alyssa will be putting her 10-ish years of marketing experience to the test every Monday through Friday. But what will she be doing? Where did […]

43 North Finals: Which startups are we picking to win it all?

An overhead view of businesspeople sitting in a theatre.

The world-famous 43North Finals pop off at Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo on Thursday, October  28. Everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit in Buffalo is asking, “Who will take home the $1 million grand prize this year?!” We might not have an answer for that—but when we look at the 19 finalists, one thing is […]

Franklin in 60 seconds! [video]

Franklin, a young man with dark hair and eyes, wears a blue and green flannel shirt. He is positioned next to an illustration of a stopwatch in which sits the Quilted Squirrel icon. A headline reads, "FRANKLIN IN 60 SECONDS."

You think you know Franklin? You have no idea. And neither do we. At least not yet. Not really. But we’re getting there! Franklin just started working here at Quilted Squirrel, and you better believe we’re getting him up to speed. Does part of that process involve grilling him with hard-to-answer questions… on the spot… […]

TQS says goodbye to Emily 🥲

Emily, a lovely young woman wearing a white and black striped shirt and black pants, rests her arm around a cardboard cutout of a man in a suit. The accompanying text reads: "TQS SAYS FAREWELL to our beloved Emily."

The great American poet Robert Hunter describes the departure of a dear friend in his poignant poem “Bird Song”: All I know is something like a bird within her sang All I know she sang a little while and then flew on Tell me all that you know I’ll show you Snow and rain If […]

Agency Seeking Business Development Guru

Red rain boots splashing in a puddle indicate the need for a "rainmaker," AKA business development manager.

Do you like talking to people and the excitement of bringing in new business? Do you enjoy being out-and-about and networking with local and regional business leaders? How about working for a fast-growing marketing agency with tons of opportunity? If any (or all) of that sounds like your ideal scenario, Quilted Squirrel would love to […]

TQS takes on social media

TQS takes on social media! A hand holds a smartphone that is loaded with apps.

Scroll. Click. Watch. Scroll. Repeat. Sometimes we all surrender to the flow of social media. Don’t you? We do. We really do. Social media! Here’s who we’re following. Emily Olek, Account Manager I’ve recently become a resident of Flavortown USA and I proudly support my mayor, @guyfieri. Steve Lingle, CEO Joey Mulinaro on Twitter (@joeymulinaro). […]

TQS takes on the Zombie Apocaylpse

TQS takes on the Zombie Apocalypse

Dear God, it’s the Zombie Apocalypse. What are we doing?! Where are we going?! We paneled the Quilted Squirrel staff to see how they’d handle the dreaded—but ultimately inevitable—Zombie Apocalypse. Here’s what we had to say. Emily Olek, Account Manager If the Zombie Apocalypse is here, I have most certainly perished. I am now the […]

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