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Client Spotlight! FYS Fitness [video]

Lisa, a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. wears an orange sweater while smiling happily into the camera.

Lisa made a logo, and the logo looks good. Have you ever met Lisa Hinterberger? She’s one of our graphic designers.  Aside from Lisa being super talented (and super pregnant—congrats, Lisa!), she is an absolute joy to jam with on creative projects. One might even say that she “rules.” I certainly would. So when a […]

TQS takes on children’s lit

TQS takes on children's lit: We see an over-the-shoulder shot of a mother reading a classic children's book to her child.

Did you hear the news? One of our graphic designers, Lisa, is pregnant! To celebrate, we got together and showered Lisa with gifts. We ate sandwiches and cinnamon rolls. We played games and gambled on baby-related outcomes, such as the baby’s name, weight, and delivery date. The Big Baby Book Exchange, of course, was a […]

Case Study: The Skin Center at Southgate Medical Group

What do we know about skin care? We’ll say this: We sure did learn a lot about it! Our continued research, paired with our experience in marketing, have come together to create an alluring marketing campaign for our friends at The Skin Center at Southgate Medical Group. Here’s how it all went down. The situation. […]

TQS takes on 2032

TQS takes on 2032: A white robot holds a smart tablet in front of a pink and blue speckled background

Can you remember anything that happened two weeks ago? I can’t. Not totally. Seems like a million years ago. But thanks to the internet ‘er whatnot—with specific regard to the Quilted Squirrel blog page, of course—we can go back and remind ourselves of this blog we wrote. It’s the one that bends space and time […]

Quilted Squirrel holiday photo hunt!

TQS Holiday Photo Hunt! Eight human employees stand in various silly positions among a holiday-themed backdrop that features a smattering of holiday decorations and other random objects

Happy holidays from Quilted Squirrel! Are you still in the office? Or maybe you’re catching up on emails from the rich-chocolatey warmth of your own sofa. Either way, now’s the perfect time to go photo hunting with Quilted Squirrel! What? Who? Where?! In this year’s extra-special holiday card, we’ve hidden 26 items for you to […]

TQS takes on pie

TQS takes on pie: An extreme close-up of a cherry pie with buttery lattice pastry topping

Is it time for pie? Thanksgiving dinner is done and there’s only one thing standing between you and having to do the dishes: sweet, sweet pie. So take your time and savor the flavor—but don’t wait too long, because your drunken uncle is sizing up your seat in that La-Z-Boy by the fire. As for […]

Franklin in 60 seconds! [video]

Franklin, a young man with dark hair and eyes, wears a blue and green flannel shirt. He is positioned next to an illustration of a stopwatch in which sits the Quilted Squirrel icon. A headline reads, "FRANKLIN IN 60 SECONDS."

You think you know Franklin? You have no idea. And neither do we. At least not yet. Not really. But we’re getting there! Franklin just started working here at Quilted Squirrel, and you better believe we’re getting him up to speed. Does part of that process involve grilling him with hard-to-answer questions… on the spot… […]

TQS says goodbye to Emily 🥲

Emily, a lovely young woman wearing a white and black striped shirt and black pants, rests her arm around a cardboard cutout of a man in a suit. The accompanying text reads: "TQS SAYS FAREWELL to our beloved Emily."

The great American poet Robert Hunter describes the departure of a dear friend in his poignant poem “Bird Song”: All I know is something like a bird within her sang All I know she sang a little while and then flew on Tell me all that you know I’ll show you Snow and rain If […]

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