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2021 marketing trends and predictions

Now that 2020 is over and done with, it’s finally time to get psyched for a new year, new schools of thought, new opportunities, new this, new that, new new new. What sort of newness can we expect from a marketing perspective? We polled the TQS staff to see what’s up for the future. The [ view the rest ]

TQS presents: The marketing funnel featuring Stephanie Danielsson

They say that no snowflake is the same. We can neither confirm nor deny this claim. But that’s what they say. And if they say it, it must be true. Anyway, marketing funnels are sort of the same way. They might not look exactly alike, but they’re all the same thing. According to our business [ view the rest ]

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First Annual TQS Staff Summer Predictions

Happy summer! We’ve been holding our breath for a while now, but we think it’s finally safe to ring in the season without jinxing it, and this year we’re kicking it off with our first ever round of TQS Staff Summer Predictions. We’ve consulted our horoscopes and made our best guesses as to what the [ view the rest ]

Ellen, Chinchillas, and the Personality Cult of Guy Fieri: Meet Our New Hires

The wait is over. After narrowing the field of applicants and conducting several rounds of interviews, two lunch meetings and exactly one trip to Dave & Busters, we’re excited to announce that we’ve grown by two employees! Courtney joins us as a graphic designer, and Olivia joins as our resident copywriter. You’ll probably be seeing [ view the rest ]

The Ultimate TQS Springtime Playlist

All of us at TQS are beyond ready to finally lose the bottom half of our zip-off pants and trade in the old socks-and-boots combo for the more superior socks-and-sandals look. And everyone knows that the way to make spring weather come more quickly is by welcoming it in with song. To achieve this, we [ view the rest ]

Words of Encouragement

Everyone, meet Kit! Kit recently joined our team as an intern – and besides helping us with daily tasks and laughing at our jokes, she’s also great at giving the occasional pep talk. So great, in fact, that sometimes it takes us a few days to really let her profound words sink in. This was [ view the rest ]

The Man Behind the 9am Bag of Buffalo Wing Flavored Pretzel Thins

Here at the Quilted Squirrel, we have a handful of daily occurrences that manage to provide a sense of comfort among the chaos of agency life. They’re kind of like our rocks* that keep us grounded. The “beep beep” of the alarm system when the door opens. The whirring noise when the tenant upstairs flushes [ view the rest ]

Holidays at the TQS World Headquarters

It’s the most wonderful time of the year over here at the TQS World Headquarters! The hap-hap-happiest season of all. We’ve had parties for hosting, marshmallows for roasting*, and caroling out in the snow.** There were scary ghost stories*** and tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago.**** You may be thinking to yourself, [ view the rest ]

Thanksgiving and You

Ah, Thanksgiving. Soon, we’ll all be hunched over in discomfort from eating way too much pumpkin pie, completely ignoring our bodies’ signals to stop eating. This is, of course, at the top of everyone’s “Favorite Things About Thanksgiving” list. But what about those TQS folks? How do they really feel about Thanksgiving? What are their [ view the rest ]

7 Minutes in Chris’s Mind

You’ve likely found yourself wondering before, “What goes on in the minds of those folks over at The Quilted Squirrel?” Maybe the thought is brought on by being amazed at our sheer brilliance (we’re very modest here), or maybe it’s because we do things that can sometimes be perceived as being a bit odd (Whatever, [ view the rest ]

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