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Branding: From Buzzwords to Bottom Line 

BRANDING - cartoon looking image of various hands contributing to all aspects that make a brand successful

(Because Who Doesn’t Love Cold, Hard Cash?) Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: is your brand actually paying the bills? You’ve poured your heart and soul into crafting the perfect tagline, logo, and social media presence, but is it translating into that sweet, sweet ROI? Don’t worry, branding gurus, even the catchiest jingle […]

Tap into Success: Mastering the Brew of a Strong Brand Identity

Image of beer pouring from a tap into a glass with text that says "Let's Get Brewing!"

Ahoy, hopheads and malt maniacs! With Dry January officially behind us (YAY!), we thought we’d allow you to indulge, and pretend you’re branding and launching the hottest new brewery in town. You need your brand to be more of a juicy, double-IPA masterpiece than a tepid pilsner. You need to build a loyal following that […]

Introducing The Great WNY Website Giveaway

The Great WNY Website Giveaway -- presented by Quilted Squirrel

We’re giving away a brand new website! One, brand-spankin’ new, free website, valued at up to $7,500, will go to one lucky organization who is crowned the winner of The Great WNY Website Giveaway. If you’re sold, click here to enter the contest. Need a little more info? Here’s the inside scoop: Enter: Any business […]

Quick and dirty: a lesson in grammar

Here are some fast fundamentals to keep your writing clean AF.    Subjects vs. Objects A subject is a noun (such as a person) that performs an action. Subjects should start a sentence.  An object is a noun (such as a thing) that is on the receiving end of an action. Objects should end a […]

Want to build a better website?

Build a better website with bold stories and brilliant strategies. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Especially online.  The look of your website matters. And so does the feel of it. Beyond the pop and sizzle of cool functionality and striking design, your website needs to mean something to your […]

New(ish) client! Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School

Saints Peter & Paul Open House!

The year was 2022. The month was June. The topic of conversation? Meat.  Or, more specifically, a meat raffle.  Oh, and golf was involved, too. A golf tournament! But this wasn’t about a getaway weekend for the boys. It was really about raising money for the kids. Our kind-of-sort-of client at the time, Saints Peter […]

5 content ideas to personalize your brand (and connect with your audience)

Quilted Squirrel: Personalize Your Content: IMAGE: A home improvements magazine with the title 'HOME: KAZ THE SUMMER HELLO'" lays on top of a wood-grained surface

Looking for opportunities to personalize your brand and connect with your audience? We’ve got a few content ideas for you to try. But first—some context. Last summer, we introduced you to the Kaz magazine, a value-add print piece we produce for Kaz Home Improvements. In that blog, we encouraged you to include six key pieces […]

Happy Father’s Day!

TQS: "Happy Father's Day!"

Happy Father’s Day from Quilted Squirrel! Seems like just yesterday we were out here hyping up our moms for Mother’s Day. This month, it’s time for us to show some love for the big guys. The dads, the pops, the fathers, the bubbas. Why? Because we love ’em! Or because some of us are dads […]

5 golf tips as marketing tips (or something like that) [Video]

Quilted Squirrel: 5 Tips for Marketing and Golfing

Is golf like marketing? Hey, with a little imagination, anything is possible.  Or so we’ve been told. Honestly, not all of us are totally sure what the connection is. But that didn’t stop our copywriter (and world’s worst golfer), James, from trying to find out. Did he succeed? Check out this video and see for […]

Client Spotlight: Waterford Advisors

Waterford Advisors: An image of a printed newsletter appears on top of a blue-hued background of Adirondack chairs on a lake.

Are you familiar with Waterford Advisors? They’re a team of goal-focused, plan-driven financial advisors in Orchard Park, New York. As stewards of growth and protectors of wealth, they’re experts in: Retirement planning Investment advisory services Tax planning Risk management Estate planning Education planning They’re also our neighbors! More or less, anyway. Well, one day they knocked […]

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