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Client Spotlight! Catholic High Schools of Western New York

Community. Respect. Belonging. These are the core ideals of Catholic High Schools of Western New York, a vibrant community of private schools in our region. We’re working with school leaders (and others) to promote enrollment in the 2021 school year. Here’s what it looks like so far. The school community. Catholic High Schools of Western […]

Case Study: Garage Doorbuster for Kaz Home Improvements

Kaz’s Garage Doorbuster Sale Who doesn’t love a good case study? Here at TQS, we’re big believers in showing and not telling. So instead of saying, “Hey, we can do this or that for your business,” we’re saying, “Yo, look at some of the stuff we’ve done for other businesses around town.” Let’s costume up […]

Client Spotlight! Beltone of WNY


Who are we, what are we doing, and how do we do it? No, we’re not peering into the existential void—at least not at the moment. We’re really just celebrating a partnership with one of our newest clients: Beltone of WNY. And we’re hoping to give you a glimpse of the TQS experience, too. Here’s […]

Case Study: No Excuses with Medaille College

Medaille’s No Excuses Campaign Who doesn’t love a good case study? We at The Quilted Squirrel pride ourselves on several things: great taste in office décor, partial photographic memory (but only in sepia tone), and our ability to execute on integrated campaigns. And we’re not just the creative brains behind the concept – as a […]

Brand it. Brand it real good.

Brand it. Brand it real good. Branding 101: An Introduction to Branding If you’ve been hunting for marketing services, or if you just happen to mingle in the company of those peculiar marketing folk, you’ve likely seen or heard the word “brand” and other brand-related terms (brand identity, brand awareness, brand messaging, brand strategy, brand […]

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