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(Re)introducing Quilted Squirrel through storytelling

Text: How to tell your story. Image: A hand holds up a megaphone that is emanating sound waves.

We’re pretty big into storytelling these days.  Actually, we’ve always been pretty big into storytelling.  We’ve been telling stories in TV commercials, on websites, and at places of business ever since we created our agency in 2013. In radio ads and on landing pages, we’ve crafted narratives that create a sense of purpose for our clients […]

Guest blog! 3 green flags to look for in a creative agency

Quilted Squirrel: TEXT: Guest Star. IMAGE: A Polaroid photo depicts a young man with dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes, beige coat, and purple shirt.

This blog is written by aspiring brand marketer, Amit Gulati, with light edits from Quilted Squirrel. “The Great Resignation.”  “Worker shortage.”  “Nobody wants to work anymore!”  As legend Marvin Gaye once asked, “What’s going on?”  We’re seeing employees and employers alike reconsider their priorities, and it’s clearly created some havoc in the workplace—especially for me, […]

Alyssa the senior account manager: Pro tips from a true pro (PART 3)

Alyssa the senior account manager: Pro tips from a true pro (part 3)

Alyssa Boczar smiles brightly from behind a hot mug of tea on a cold and rainy day in Orchard Park, New York. Yes, dark clouds have gathered and it’s starting to rain. But the early autumnal gloom is no match for Alyssa’s sunny disposition inside Quilted Squirrel. She’s beaming, of course, and it’s no surprise. […]

Alyssa the senior account manager: Pro tips from a true pro (PART 2)

Alyssa the senior account manager: Pro tips from a true pro (part 2)

Alyssa Boczar is back in her favorite spot on the couch at Quilted Squirrel. She’s glowing, as usual, and sitting with the comfort and confidence you’d expect from the coolest senior account manager in the business. Approaching her one-year anniversary at Quilted Squirrel, Alyssa is consistently enthusiastic about working with our team. (If anything, she’s […]

Alyssa the senior account manager: Pro tips from a true pro (PART 1)

Alyssa the senior account manager: Pro tips from a true pro (part 1)

Alyssa Boczar sits comfortably from a couch at Quilted Squirrel. But she won’t be seated for long. She’ll be up and at it—moving and shaking with clients in no time. And for good reason. Our senior account manager loves bringing us closer to our clients (and each other). As the heartbeat of our creative agency, […]

Words of encouragement: Why word choice matters in the workplace

Words Have Meaning: A speech bubble with a quesiton mark, a speech bubble with ellipses (three dots), and a speech bubble with an exclamation point are displayed on top of a yellow background.

Has this ever happened to you? For better or worse—consciously or not—you’ve gotten in your head about the smallest, “stupidest” things, many of which involve certain words or wording. Misinterpreting your value in the simplest conversations. “What am I even talking about?” Second-guessing yourself. “Why did I say that?”  Grappling with internal criticisms. “You are […]

Subscribe to our newsletter! [Video]

Quilted Squirrel Newsletter - "TQS News" - Image of partially seen squirrel logo on a laptop. Smartphone depicts screenshot of newsletter features, such as news, photos, and buttons.

Subscribe Now! Because it’s the right thing to do. Don’t call it a newsletter! Actually, wait, yeah, it is a newsletter. You can totally call it that. But this newsletter is a little different. And by “different,” we mean “pretty much the same as everyone else’s.” Only better! Maybe. Sort of? At the very least, […]

TQS takes on children’s lit

TQS takes on children's lit: We see an over-the-shoulder shot of a mother reading a classic children's book to her child.

Did you hear the news? One of our graphic designers, Lisa, is pregnant! To celebrate, we got together and showered Lisa with gifts. We ate sandwiches and cinnamon rolls. We played games and gambled on baby-related outcomes, such as the baby’s name, weight, and delivery date. The Big Baby Book Exchange, of course, was a […]

TQS takes on pie

TQS takes on pie: An extreme close-up of a cherry pie with buttery lattice pastry topping

Is it time for pie? Thanksgiving dinner is done and there’s only one thing standing between you and having to do the dishes: sweet, sweet pie. So take your time and savor the flavor—but don’t wait too long, because your drunken uncle is sizing up your seat in that La-Z-Boy by the fire. As for […]

TQS Public Radio welcomes new personality [VIDEO]

TQS Public Radio presents: Alyssa Boczar, a blond-haired woman wearing a dark red-colored cardigan, sits in front of a radio station-style microphone. White letters over an orange, brown, and olive background form "tqs" in the style of the NPR radio logo. "PUBLIC RADIO" is printed in gray beneath the logo.

Is TQS Public Radio a real thing? No, it is not. Is Alyssa Boczar a real person? Most definitely, yes. As our new senior account manager here at Quilted Squirrel, Alyssa will be putting her 10-ish years of marketing experience to the test every Monday through Friday. But what will she be doing? Where did […]

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